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November 14, 2007 • Fashion



The bridge between home decor and fashion has gotten smaller yet again. According to Fashionweekdaily Mainline maven Tory Burch was so inspired by Martha Stewart’s 60s style she has decided to do a small line devoted to the domestic style star’s former days of glory as a model. Who says beauty indicates a lack of brain-power? Joanne Molina, Senior Editor

Tory Burch’s latest inspiration: Martha Stewart
Tuesday, November 13, 2007

(NEW YORK) Tory Burch‘s inspirations for her eponymous clothing and accessories lines have ranged from a picture of Marisa Berenson in Paris to Audrey Hepburn’s character in Two For The Road. Now Martha Stewart
will be the catalyst for a new capsule collection. Burch, who appeared
on the queen of domesticity’s talk show last Thursday, was so inspired
by the vintage photographs of Stewart from the Sixties and Seventies
she saw that she asked for copies of the images and will produce a
small collection of pieces referencing Stewart’s own days as a model. A
new collection of wares wasn’t the only virtue of appearing on
Stewart’s show, however; following the segment, Burch’s e-commerce Web
site reported a significant increase in sales of Reva flats (named
after her mother) after Stewart stretched her leg across the counter to
show off her pair, as well as an increase in sales of the holiday
gift-giving collection of cashmere track suits and scarves that just
launched exclusively in her retail stores.

From Web sales to
retail counters, Burch is off to Chicago tomorrow to celebrate her new
store at 66 East Walton Street, where she’ll host a shopping event
benefiting The Chicago Botanic Gardens followed by an all-girl’s dinner
at Table 52. And on Monday, Burch will be in the Sunshine State for a
party and dinner in her honor at her Bal Harbour Shops store hosted by
the chairs of the Beaux Arts Foundation at the Acqualina Hotel.

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2 Responses to Designers. Martha Stewart as Muse. Tory Burch to Launch Martha-inspired Line. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Jenn Scott says:

    Way to go, Tory!
    It’s about time that someone pay tribute to the wildly talented, Martha.
    So many people forget that she was a model!

  2. Joanne-SCS says:

    I know! It’s so funny that people forget. She was really pretty…she still looks great for her age.

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