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November 15, 2007 • Fashion


Thomas Kikis for Second City Style Magazine

Last fall, my cousin Michael told us he was bringing his new
girlfriend over for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone, including our 94
year-old grandmother, waited in anticipation. My cousins and I were ready to judge her.
We’re an unforgiving bunch and in this case especially, our job was
made too easy. Michael arrived with his perky 24 year-old moments
before we were taking our seats for the big feast. After the initial
introductions, she took off her jacket where she unveiled a very
inappropriate outfit: Denim mini-skirt, cowboy boots, and a long tube top that she finished off with a shiny studded belt. She informed us that she was studying to get her Masters in Psychology, yet her deep purple tube top declared: "Go Go Dancer" in silver metallic letters that with my font expertise I identified as IMPACT Bold. The impact was bold indeed, as Michael’s mother quite audibly gasped
and darted into the kitchen to "check on the turkey". Read more here

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