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November 15, 2007 • Lifestyle


Oh happy day! Project Runway Season 4 is underway. We were introduced to this season’s colorful cast of 15 characters last night. It seemed the majority were from NYC and L.A. (no surprise there) and already had their own established businesses, thus proving that by season 7 we will be probably be seeing Zac Posen, Tory Burch and Michael Kors himself competing. I loved that this cast is mostly over the age of 30 (median age 34)! I digress.

Rather than get into the specifics every week I’d rather focus on memorable quotes. I find myself jotting them down while I watch. Besides there are other sites obsessed with the show and frankly do a bang-up job on critiquing. Our favorites are Blogging Project Runway, FourFour (which does a hysterical weekly review, but you have to wait a few days) and Bravo TV‘s own site (I particularly like and respect Tim Gunn’s blog reviews).

Let’s meet some standout characters shall we?

Rami, he’s a 31 year old Israeli now designing in L.A. His bio says his favorite designers are; Alexander McQueen, Victor & Rolf, Olivier Theyskens. He rightfully won the first challenge with an amazingly draped gown that was chic & sophisticated. Michael Kors didn’t like the flower…I loved it. He is going to be one to watch and root for.

Rami’s Winning Gown

Ricky, 35 from Escondido, CA, loves Prada. He is a lingerie designer and played it rather safe with a babydoll lingerie style dress. Although, he had some of the best quotes of the evening. In summarizing his 10 minutes to grab fabrics from 3 tents across Bryant Park he said, "I ran like a Mexican running to the boarder. I was a whore." Priceless.

Carmen, 37 from Charlotte, NC was a stunning fashion model. Her favorite designers are Tracy Reece, Epperson and Byron Lars. She crated one of the fugliest outfits of the evening. Somehow, it went unnoticed.

Pr_jackJust Jack! This 38 year-old from Seattle, WA is easy on the eyes and can work a pair boxer briefs! Hello. Too bad he’s playing for the other team. Oh well. His favorite designers are Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexander McQueen (For Men).

Kit aka Pistol, 26 from L.A. Memorable for no other reason other than she had a great quote, "life is too short to have on a bad outfit." Amen to that sister! Her favorite designers are Viktor & Rolf.

Christian, 21 from Annapolis, MD. He may be young but he is not lacking in confidence. I originally thought his creation was really awful, but like everyone else, it grew on me and his craftsmanship was excellent. Michael Kors called his design "quirky tailored." Christian’s favorite designers are McQueen and Westwood which is no surprise. I found myself wanting to clean up (even out) his asymmetrical haircut though. He is very 80’s all around.

Elisa, 42 for El Paso is as out there as they come! Her dress was a mess and elicited one of my favorite quotes of the evening from Heidi Klum. "Her model looked like she was pooing fabric." No truer words were ever spoken. Frankly, I think she should have been booted, considering she was warned by Tim Gunn, her model tripped on the runway and she took a nap instead of fixing her mess. Alas she is safe another week, but I don’t think she will be long for this crowd. She is influenced by the air, water, the earth, Erte, Jean Cocteau, Madame Gris, Zaldy, Norma Kamali.

Steven, 34 Chicago, IL. We are suckers for anyone from Chicago! He has our vote by virtue of geography. However, I really like his aesthetic. He is the Emmett of this season. He prefers clean and simple lines and his favorite designer is  Yves St. Laurent. Great choice. Go Steven!

Sweet P, 46 from L.A. First I have to say there is something disturbing to me about a middle-age woman who calls herself Sweet P, has tattoos all over her arms and an Anna Sui on crack design aesthetic. She claims her favorite designers are Prada, John Galliano, Marni, Chloe, Phillip Lim, Balenciaga. Last night we saw no such influences and she came across as rather a mess. Let’s see if that changes.

Another great quote came from Michael Kors as usual "I know women who are willing to bleed if the dress is fabulous enough."

Simone’s Loser Ensemble


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