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November 15, 2007 • Fashion

I have seen a rather disturbing trend in athletic footwear. We are humans, we are not camels or reptiles. Please do not wear these shoes. They scare us mere mortals.

Nike Air Rift

Aside from the fact that they are just plain hideous, they look horribly uncomfortable. How does one wear socks with these? Do you have to buy special socks? I have seen some leather shoe versions as well and thankfully do not know nor care to know who makes them. They almost make Crocs look good. Oh it’s too much and frankly, too ugly. 

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2 Responses to Bad Idea. Terradactyl Shoes. Second City Style Fashion Blog

  1. Melanie Peterson says:

    I live in Tokyo, and on a lark, I bought these very shoes here about 18 months ago. They are exactly like what the Japanese who do manual labor, or work in the fish market wear! Not that, that should be an endorsement of fashion. They come with a special pair of socks, and they are actually comfortable. They are however ugly as sin I agree.
    Nike also made a flowered pair for the Japanese market.

  2. Lauren - SCS says:

    Yeah, I figured they were modeled after Japanese shoes. And if Nike makes them, I assume they are comfortable. People say the same about Crocs. Trust me, I get yelled at enough for hating those. But I am still glad you agree they are NO fashion statement! Yeesch, a floral pair? I hope I never see those. They may just push me over the edge!

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