Pumps, Boots, Slingbacks, and Wedges — Gang’s All Here!

November 18, 2007 • Magazine

Pumps, Boots, Slingbacks, and Wedges — Gang's All Here!

Pumps, Boots, Slingbacks, and Wedges — Gang's All Here!

Sun, 2007-11-18 05:00

Jenn Scott

Having a bad hair day? We’ve all been there. Is your “skinny” outfit failing you? Everyone can relate. Forget about your boisterous locks and inflating scale for the day. Every woman has a torrid love affair with shoes, and today is the day to embrace it.

The best thing about feet is that they rarely have a bad day — not many people complain about a “bad foot day.” While your unmanageable mane develops a mind of its own and your body can grow two sizes over night, your feet will trustily pull through in a bind.

Many times, seeking solace in shoes is the way I find peace in my ever increasingly fast-paced life. Every day is a new adventure. As you roll out of bed and your feet hit the cold air beneath, a surge of excitement overtakes the chill. What shoes will you wear today?

This season offers versatility when it comes to matters of the feet. Prepare to have a runway show of your own every time you walk out the door.

When you open your closet doors, consider what shoes you will wear. Build your outfit around the shoes that you feel the best in! By doing this, you are guaranteed to start your day in the best way possible. Embrace those things in life that make you feel empowered!

Don’t be afraid to rock the wedge. A wedge offers the leg elongation and general feel of a pump, but functions as more of a flat. If you have a long day ahead of you, and you can’t imagine spending an entire twelve hours with your foot in a pump, then spring for the wedge. Wedges are also great for jeans that may be a little too long for flats. If you want to dress down your look and also wear your favorite wide-leg pants that are usually worn with a heel, rely on the wedge. Don’t be afraid to pair them with dressy and casual outfits.

Working the runway, walking the streets, or going to make yourself coffee in the office — this season requires your wardrobe to have great boots. No questions asked, boots are this season’s favorites. Whether you are dressing up for a day at work or hanging out in the park on your day off, boots can transform with your look. This season you will see them worn with skirts, dresses, and jeans. Don’t be afraid to get creative and feel sexy doing it! Boots offer more support around the ankle and calf than other shoes do. If you have weak ankles or are just learning to walk in heels, give boots a whirl!

Classy and quite understated, slingbacks are the ultimate tease. They are modest and business-like, but then they have a flirty and surprising design. Slingblacks are a hidden jewel that offers comfort and versatility. With their elegance, they can be worn out for a night on the town, or with some jeans to the movies. You can pair them with your business suit, dress pants, skirts, or jeans.

Often times, pumps are the most popular form of pediatric therapy. The pump has been through generations of females and remained at the top of every girl’s wish list. That’s saying something! Even thought colors and styles change, the high-heeled shoe does not.

Shoes, for most women, transcend all other aspects of fashion. It’s amazing how a little bit of height, packaged in your favorite color or style, can make you feel absolutely amazing. This season, don’t be afraid to show some flair on your feet. If your favorite color is green, get some green pumps. If you like hound’s-tooth, those wedges will look great in that pattern.

Every day is a new adventure, where shoes are concerned. It’s a great way to show your personality and your sense of style. Nothing can make a woman feel sexier than strutting around with her favorite shoes on. Everyone has their favorite, and if you don’t, then you need to get to the shoe store and start trying on! Your nirvana awaits.

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