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November 19, 2007 • Celebrity Style

Despite not wearing her usually wayyyyyyy overdone gothic black wardrobe, it
wasn’t Mary-Kate embellished white minidress that stole this year’s ‘7th
on Sale’ Black-Tie Gala. The shoes ! Mary-Kate primped up her pin-thin physique with six inch stunners—a
la Victoria Beckham!


These Giambattista
stilettos were inspired by Posh Spice herself and named, rightfully so,
The Victoria Shoe, in her honor. Back in October, Victoria was the first one to
promenade in the sky-high heels, but she opted for a chic black pair.

Gone are the days of exaggerated furs, fishnets, and peep toes with frumpy
wrinkled skirts. Looks like MK is
making a statement and adding some much needed momentum to her tiny 4’11 frame!

Victoria blogged, "They are gorgeous. I will just have to learn how to walk in them first they are so high!"  But that didn’t stop her from wearing them twice. If an Olsen twin  can do it, anyone can!


Hey MK, they also come in black!!

Photos: Wireimage, Just Jared

-Simona Kogan


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4 Responses to Celebrity Style. The Shoe Seen ‘Round the World. Second City Fashion Blog.

  1. deja pseu says:

    Sorry, but IMO those are stripper/fetish shoes. Bleh!

  2. Lauren - SCS says:

    I agree. The only thing that separates them is the price tag!

  3. Are you kidding! these are the most amazing shoes I have ever seen in my life!! I was to marry them! ha ha

  4. How do they balance in those shoes?

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