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November 20, 2007 • Events


Last Thursday Second City Style got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get an insider’s look at that utterly iconic item, the CHANEL jacket.  From its inception in 1916 to the many current incarnations on the runways, there are few styles more enduring than the classic silhouettes designed by Chanel.

Speaker Mary Adair Macaire took us on a very chic journey through CHANEL’s archives, starting with an ivory, pink, and black cardigan jacket believed to have been owned by Coco herself and finishing with the latest pieces from the Spring 2008 and Resort collections at The Secrets of The CHANEL Jacket presentation. One of the most astonishing things about the presentation was how truly modern the older pieces looked — none of them would be out of place on today’s runways. 

Of course, CHANEL jackets are known for their incredible degree of detail, from the chains sewn into the bottom (they help the garment hold its shape) to the intricately crafted embroideries and tweeds. Hours upon hours of work go into the typical jacket, from its construction (most jackets consist of four panels of fabric, a CHANEL jacket might contain up to eighteen) to the finishing touches like buttons and sequins.

— Jacqueline Zenn

Editors Note: Read Jacqueline Zenn’s full feature article on The Secrets of the CHANEL Jacket on Second posting the week of November 26th.

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