Pumping Iron, Not the Price Point

November 25, 2007 • Magazine

Pumping Iron, Not the Price Point

Pumping Iron, Not the Price Point

Sun, 2007-11-25 12:00

Rachel Yeomans

For years my workout attire has included one pair of stretched-out yoga pants from college, tank tops that just don’t have the same fit to be seen in public, two pairs of oversized gym shorts (again, from college), one hoodie, and a pair of Asics sneakers. Based on this sad overview, I realize that my workout wardrobe needs a serious makeover. But I admit, I’m not that finicky about my appearance while heaving on the treadmill or pushing out those 100’s during Pilates. With that said, I don’t want to spend a great deal of money on clothing made for voluntary torture, but instead for social and business attire to accentuate the goddess-like body I work to achieve.

A good friend of mine, however, made me a bit more flexible with my workout wardrobe budget. A workout maven herself, she said that really good workout gear lasts forever, almost never stretches out or loses quality, and in the end saves you money. “Also,” she pointed out, “your butt just never looks as good unless it’s in Lululemon.”

Lululemon, for those of you who don’t know, is the designer Mecca of athletic attire. And those pants my friend mentioned, run on average price point of $90. Ouch! Now, I know I’ve admittedly spent a lot more on a pair of shoes, pants, even some blouses…but $100 with tax on one piece of an athletic wardrobe? I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I did some research and found several very well-constructed items made by very reputable designers without price points that would not make me want to wrap the clothing in plastic after purchase.

Lucy, for example, is a similar athletic line to Lululemon known for high-quality comfortable and durable athletic ware. And to my happy discovery, Lucy.com features a very price-friendly option of purchasing two workout tees for $40. And their sales page has items priced as low as $19.99 and capped at $29.99. Lady Foot Locker also had some very fashionable workout attire for compromising costs. I particularly fell in love with their limited edition Pink Ribbon baseball cap.

For very cute zip-ups and tee’s, I recommend surveying the athletic section at Target. Their pants, although sporting a very affordable price tag, weren’t necessarily the best quality — but perhaps I was spoiled after the Lululemon experience.

One day I might cave in and buy those $90 pants because, as my friend said, the rear just never looked so good. But until then, I can perhaps fit in a bit more with the designer-donning ladies next to me at the gym through my account at Bluefly.com.

1. Yoga Pant – Lululemon Athletica lululemon.com

2. Whisper Tank Renew – Lululemon Athletica lululemon.com

3. Lucy
Foot Trail Jacket $88
Speedy Racer Long-Sleeve Top $50
Nordic Pant $64
Pumping Iron Short-Sleeved Tee $30

4. Lady Foot Locker Pink Ribbon Limited Edition Cap $15 ladyfootlocker.com

5. Target – C9 by Champion Brushed Back 1/4-zip Pullover $24.99 target.com

6. Priorities Black Stretch Cotton Hoodie Original $105, Now $63 bluefly.com

7. LinQ Pewter French Terry Fold Over Sweat Pants Original $88, Now $53 bluefly.com

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