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November 26, 2007 • Girl Gab (Gossip)


Ex-client Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe

OK, we didn’t rip her book Style from A to Zoe to shreds because, frankly…we liked it. Once you got over the author. However, it would seem that Liz Jones of The Daily Mail can’t stand Rachel Zoe. It’s personal and it’s painful. It’s also a damn interesting read!

"Of course, we all know why the designers and the magazine editors (she
was honoured with an ingratiating in-depth profile in a recent issue of
British Vogue) want to keep on the right side of Zoe: they need her
roster of stars to wear their clothes on the red carpet, or to appear
on the covers of their magazines, so that you and I will make all of
them richer. It’s as simple as that

Cat fight!

Enjoy! Liz Jones on why she can’t stand a certain Hollywood stylist

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