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November 26, 2007 • Lifestyle


Sorry this took so long, but we took some much needed days off and I just caught this episode over the weekend. The previews would have lead you to believe the Queen of England was going to be a judge, but alas it was Sarah Jessica Parker, looking for some new design inspiration for her cheap mass fashion line ‘Bitten.’ I thought the whole episode bit. Maybe I’m just over it, but this episode was rather lame.

Let’s face it, I’m not going to get all hot and bothered by a $15 budget limit! That’s all the designers could spend on their two-piece look which would have to retail for no more than $40! The episode was about ‘affordibility.’ Ew.

One more thing…why does Ricky keep crying?


Here is the design that won by Victorya and Kevin. It deserved to win. It was the best of the bunch.


This was my second place winner pick by Ricky and Jack (I *heart* Jack). It didn’t place. Not that it matters.


This was the judge’s runner up by Elisa and Sweet P. The only reason it was saved was because of Sweet P. I am warming up to her.

This look was designed by Christian and Carmen. Christian needs to get his head out of the 80’s. Scary he has such an attachment considering he was born in ’86!

The judges hated everything about this design by Marion and Steven. The color, the fabric and the style. Since it was really Marion’s design, he was the second to be eliminated.

Memorable quotes:

"I moved to New York because of ‘Sex in the City’ and there was Sarah Jessica Parker standing in front of me." – Chris

"You spit on it? What’s going on?" – Sweet P

"Basically, I’m from planet Earth. Elisa is on some happy planet. I’m not sure of the name." – Sweet P

"I’m coming to your planet, but with gifts." – Elisa

"Next thing you know, it’s big button earrings and your on ‘The Facts of Life’" – Michael Kors on Christian’s retro 80’s design.

"In 10 minutes on the runway, it grew." – Heidi Klum on Marion’s design.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: BravoTV

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  1. Design Freak says:

    I heart Jack too. He needs more air time and Elisa needs less. Love your recap.

  2. Lauren - SCS says:

    Thanks! And I could not agree with you more. Christian could use less air time too. However, it’s always the ones that fly under the radar in the beginning that make it. The more air time…the more they are bound to be leaving :)It’s like, we get it already…Elisa is a freak.

  3. shoeaholic says:

    I laughed out loud at Michael Kors’ comment. I want him to start doing some stand-up fashion comedy…

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