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November 27, 2007 • Beauty


Even though I am a reformed tanorexic, about this time of year, I start to think I’m looking rather pasty. I’m not one to sunbathe anymore, but I prefer to have a hint of color…usually in the form salon sprays during the summer months. Come fall I just get lazy and let’s face it…broke. Since a tropic vacation is out of the question right now and spray tans well, they start to subtract from my handbag fund…I find myself looking to self-tanners so my legs don’t look quite so white while peddling away at the gym. However, most self tanners smell disgusting, dry your skin and make you look as orange as Paris Hilton. That’s all changed.

Solerra Sunless Self-Tanning Mitt with Invisicare Technology gives you the appearance of a streakless, salon-quality spray tan, but is more convenient and budget-friendly (about $6.95 per mitt).

There are two options to Solerra’s sunless beauty: the first is the disposable sunless tanning mitt that comes pre-moistened with the proper amount of solution for a single use. It won’t stain your hands and it will give you a silky finish. The super long-lasting (7-10 days) formula is water and perspiration resistant. I also recommend you use the disposable, single-use buffing mitt prior to application for an even smoother application. Perfect for travel.


Within a few hours of trying the mitt, I had a beautiful caramel tan! In fact, I had forgotten I had tried it until I caught a glimpse of myself passing a mirror a few hours later. I was a gorgeous caramel color, not orange! Oh, and my skin was soft! I was impressed to say the least.

The second option is the Sunless Silk Lotion which you administer with a reusable foam mitt. Just apply the lotion, rinse the mitt and let it dry. It’s as easy as that. I find this product perfect for home-use every 5 days or so. I even use it on my face.

Beautiful, long-lasting color and a healthy glow…what more can you ask for? I’m sold hook, line and sinker.

There are also a bevy of other products like ‘Drench’ a post-tan daily moisturizer and ‘Solar Shade’ a 30+ SPF that’s very water resistant and has anti-aging essential oils.

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See the video demonstration here: You Tube

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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3 Responses to Beauty Buzz. Deep, Dark, Sunless, Heathy Beautiful You: Solerra Self-Tanning Mitt. Second City Style Fashion & Beauty Blog

  1. You know.. a girlfriend of mine swears by these. In her words: no fuss, no muss, no mess. After hearing your ringing endorsement I’m sold. And the mitt makes it even easier. Hmm… I see a stocking stuffer in my future 😉

  2. Nicole M says:

    Wow…love it! Tried them after finding so many great comments on blogs, and I am sold! Not only did I get the best color, but my skin felt like silk and there wasn’t any lingering smell, like every other self tanner I have tried. I am trading in my tantowels for the mitt! Thanks!

  3. Michele says:

    I’m not much for tanners because they make me look orange and streaky but I tried the Solerra mitt and was Wowwed! No streaks or orange, fake looking color and it smelled wonderful! This product is terrific!

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