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November 27, 2007 • Shopping


Just in time for Black Friday, fast-fashion retailer MNG by Mango opened the company’s first Manhattan unit, a 7,500-square-foot flagship on Wednesday in SoHo.

Mango’s U.S. stores are called MNG by
Mango (for trademark reasons) has opened at 561
Broadway…finally. The old tenant did not want to vacate so the opening was delayed.

According to WWD, the Barcelona chiains’ NY store features a mix of antiques and modern
furniture. Antique mirrors hang on the walls, and sweaters and
accessories are displayed on 18th-century tables.

Mango operates 1,070 stores in
92 countries; its competitors H&M and Zara have stores
in 28 countries and 68 countries, respectively. However, H&M and
Zara are more developed in the U.S., which Mango entered a year ago (in Chicago).
Zara has 25 stores in the U.S. and H&M has 132.


Mango prides itself as not taking a cookie-cutter approach to merchandising. "Our
stores are merchandised according to climate, population and taste,"
Jose Gomez, vice president of business development at Mango said. "We have a Siberian collection for cold countries. We have
an Arabic collection for the Middle East. It uses lighter fabrics and
different designs. As far as sizes, we do smaller sizes for Asia. We’re learning
from the market.

engages European and American designers for what it calls the New York
and Paris collections. They are produced four times a year, and prices
are 20% above those of typical Mango fare. The retailer also
produces Limited Edition collections such as the line designed by
Penélope Cruz and her sister, Mónica, which is now in stores. "We
thought Penélope was a good link," Gomez said. "She’s from Spain and is
well known in the U.S. With all these collections, we are trying to add
value for our customers." Milla Jovovich has designed another
collection featuring dresses and skirts.

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Photos: WWD & Mango

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