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November 29, 2007 • Lifestyle


Here are my thoughts on last night’s episode entitled "Fashion Giant". Ready? Eh. Yep, that’s it. I love men, but I don’t love menswear. Even though the producers gave us women some great beefcake to look at, the challenge just didn’t do it for me. However, it seemed to do in the remaining contestants who are all women’s wear designers.

In a nutshell: the designers were asked to design menswear
for football great Tiki Barber. According to BravoTV "A gaggle of male models invade the
workroom and flummox most every designer." That was an understatement! Considering the male designers are all (but one it seems) gay and the women it seems are not…these male models were shark food!

One more thing…what was the deal with Elisa being embarrassed by seeing her model in his skivvies? She turned around! She’s 42, not 12! For the love of God, he’s not interested in you honey! Her freakiness know no bounds.


Here Jack’s winning look! We *heart* Just Jack! However, I wish he had finished his third piece.


Here is Kit’s runner-up. In all honesty, I thought she should have won. Her fleece jacket was fierce.

Let’s look at some of the others, including the worst!

I like Kevin’s look. The vest was fly once it was unpinned.


Poor Sweet P. I am really starting to like her. However, her outfit was an abomination, but she knew it. That shirt! Oy.

Even though the judges found his color and design dull and they noticed the pins left in the jacket, he was saved by a worse design. Of course, he cried. Sobbed actually. Another episode, another cry fest for emotional Ricky. He’s going to snap. I can feel it.


The lack of shirt was Carmen’s undoing. Well that and the "Members Only" jacket look she had going on. Poor workmanship + poor taste + poor time management = curtains for Carmen.

Memorable Quotes:

Steven from Chicago is turning out to be a cut-up. I love his dry humor. "I know nothing about football except it’s the one time on television that spandex is acceptable."

"I’m not as confident as I was before, but I just know I make clothes just so much better than so many of the other designers." – Christian

"Does he like hot pants?" – Chris

"It’s midnight and I’m standing here in a pimp’s hat – just let it go." – Steven

"Pants are just two big sleeves sewn together." – Chris

"It looks like the shirt was made by a kindergardener. I’m so embarrassed in front of my peers." – Sweet P

"If you didn’t do that jacket in fleece I would have been like give me a Zanax, I’m asleep." – Michael Kors to Kit

"If a guy was 7’3" it would be a fabulous fit." – Michael Kors to Sweet P about her tie design.

"I just like to hear that guys have the same problems that we do." – Heidi Klum

"I guess they all thought they were better than they really are." – Heidi Klum

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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