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December 6, 2007 • Celebrity Style

It has been awhile, no? Oh how we miss this.


Anne Hathaway vs. Fergie in Dolce & Gabbana

Winner: I am going to have to go with Fergie for many reasons. First, I like her shoe choice better. While I love, Anne’s Louboutins, they do not go with this dress. Second, the length of Fergie’s dress is correct. We see Anne’s pasty white knobby knees which is not a great look. Lastly, Fergie’s hair balanced out the severity of c corset dress. She looks more delicate. Bravo.

Carmen Electra vs. Paris in Diane von Furstenberg

Winner: Well this is no brainer. Could Paris have one more mis-matched trend going on at one time? Wait! Don’t answer that! Worse than the cropped leather jacket are those tights! Oh and I love that her shoes and bag must always match…each other. God-forbid the outfit. Oh, I forgot…Carmen is the winner. Hands down!


Beyonce vs. Ciara in Roberto Cavalli

Winner: Neither. Wait, this isn’t the same person? They look exactly the same. Neither wins because I can’t tell them apart. They look identical. It’s a draw and frankly, the dress is not my favorite.

Sarah Michelle Geller vs. Iman in Donna Karan

Winner: Iman. Now this dress I love. Poor Sarah Michelle, how are you going to win against Iman? It’s unfair competition. Actually, had she shortened the length a bit, she could have been a contender! They both look pretty good in that fantastic dress though.


Mary-Louise Parker vs. Brooke Shields in J. Mendel 

Winner: Brooks Shields. This is not my first choice when I think of a fab dress for a woman over 40 (which both of these women are). It looks more like a cake ornament. However, Mary-Louise’s shoes are just wrong! Never wear  shoes with thick ankle straps when wearing a mini dress. Or ever for that matter. They chop the line of the leg making one look shorter and stockier. Brooke’s shoes are more delicate and a better choice. As was her decision to keep the spaghetti straps on the dress holding her and the dress together. A little faux-tan would have served Mary-Louise well, she looks washed out.

Photos: People.com

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