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December 6, 2007 • Fashion


Bonnie J Brown for Second City Style Magazine

2007, the year of the bra, is coming to a close! Whether you’ve been
celebrating it all year, or this is the first you’re hearing about it,
it is important to note that 2007 is the 100 year anniversary of the brassiere.
While there had been bra styles a-plenty long before the term was
bandied about, it was in 1907 when Vogue magazine featured the very
first advertisement for the modern day brassiere. Mind you, the term
“modern day” is used in only the loosest of forms here; if you have
ever found yourself (or someone close to you) struggling to clasp or
unclasp the contraption we call a bra, just imagine how difficult it
would have been to get out of the “proto-bra” designed by Mortimer Clarke,
the multiple straps held everything in place, including your skirt.
While the garment has changed drastically over the years (thankfully
so) the purpose remains the same…lift and separate. So, in the weeks
before the year of the bra is over, what better way to celebrate every
woman’s favorite and least favorite garment than to look back at the
designer who took the bra from under the blouse and put it on the
runway; none other than couture classic…Jean Paul Gaultier. Read more here

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