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December 6, 2007 • Holiday


This may seem off-topic, but there is nothing more fashionable than giving the gift of a donation in someone else’s name (or your own) for the holidays. But before you write that check, make sure you are donating to a worthy charity.

Just as we recommend you check the actual dollar or percentage amount actually donated to charity when you purchase say "Breast Cancer Awareness" pink items (doesn’t it infuriate you to learn the makers of those cute pink tweezers that cost $20 are only donating $1 to charity?), you should do the same due diligence during the holidays. Crooks love to prey on a sucker, especially this time of year. Some charities use very creative accounting methods for feeding their own coffers.

Not every dollar you donate gets spent the way you may think. The watchdog group The American Institute of Philanthropy has developed a list of the top-rated charities…those that do the most with your money for actual programs. They have rated non-profits with grades from A+ to F. Just like a report card (remember those?) Check this list to see if your chosen charity received a passing grade before you donate!

Don’t worry, the American Red Cross received an A+!

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