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December 6, 2007 • Lifestyle


For the first time ever, I totally disagreed with the judges’ decision last night. I am still so honked off right now I can barely stand to write this. Not only that, the quotes were not so memorable.

I loved the challenge which was the evolution of trends. Basically taking hideous fashion trends from the 80’s (shoulder pads, dance wear, underwear as outerwear, overalls, neon colors, etc.) and trying to make them hip again, or more modern. There were four teams of three . Each had a budget of $250.

As expected one of the teams did not work well together (Ricky, Victorya & Elisa), one felt they had a weak link (Jillian, Kevin & Rami…who won), one thought they were better than they were (Christian’s of course, Jack & Kit) and the last thought they got along well and should just have fun (Chris, Steven & Sweet P).

The teams that fared better were the ones that understood to blend all three elements into each of the three looks.

What emerged? Victorya is a super BEOTCH (that was the word I found I had jotted), a total control freak, does not play well with others and is passive aggressive. I actually felt bad for Ricky who handled himself surprisingly well. However, I still thought he deserved to be eliminated over Chris. Ricky was close to being eliminated last week so I thought for sure it would be him. I was surprised and angered that Chris, who had not made one previous mistake (never been called out in the bottom 3) was axed. I think the judges took mercy on Ricky for having to deal with Cruella de Victorya.

Even though Chris’ jacket was dated, his dress was constructed beautifully. I am sorry to see him go. It was refreshing to see someone really laugh and enjoy being there. Now we are left with Victorya…and sobbing Ricky.

One more thing…what is going on with Donna Karan’s (guest judge) face? Too much Botox I wager. The top half of her face did not move and the bottom half looked lopsided. Very odd.

Two looks from Jillian’s winning team (Jillian, Kevin & Rami)

Ricky’s unfavored design

The loser: Chris’ dated jacket.

Memorable Quotes:

"Project Runway should have a perfume. A mixture of fear, sweat and Chinese food." – Chris.

"I just picked Britney Spears on crack." – Jack

"Is my button just stuck to the bottom of the bag on purpose?" – Sweet P on why she is always chosen last.

"If I do fringe it’s going to look like arm-pit hair." – Kit

"I don’t like to be a bossy cow, but I have certain ideas." – Victorya

"When a person doesn’t want to listen, they don’t want to listen." – Ricky

"I have to pull like a magic rabbit out of my ass to get this done." – Kevin

"I don’t think smashing her boobs is a flattering look." – Ricky

"You never know…the judges might die over it. Or you never know, they could die because of it." – Christian on Chris’ jacket.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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