Movies. Atonement’s Beautiful Period Wardrobe.

December 12, 2007 • Fashion

So…I have been dying to see the movie Atonement ever since I saw the trailer
months back. I went to see it Friday afternoon, the first day of its release
in New York. What a rewarding treat! This gorgeous, breathtaking beauty of a
film brought both my boyfriend and I to tears  (he’d probably kill me if he
knew I wrote this. But yes, he is quite the romantic.)

Anyway, if you
have not seen it, you must go at once. I promise – you will NOT be
disappointed. But I’m digressing. Let me move on to what many of our readers
are really wanting to know about – the beautiful period clothing featured in
this film. Being the vintage clothing buff that I am, I adored that green
dress Keira Knightley wore during the most pivotal moment of the movie. The
dress was stunning to say the least.

According the New York Post, the
film’s costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, designed the dress according to
director Joe Wright’s wishes and after studying fashion photography from the
1930s. Durran sourced three different fabrics and the swatch was sent off
to a dye specialist to recreate that exact shade of green. The dress has a
bias-cut bodice, a wrap around the waist and a long, flowing skirt. The
most amazing part is the open back!  See for yourself:



– Emily Huggins

Sources: SunTimes Blog and NYPost Blog

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