“WTF Was She Thinking?” Bad Celeb Fashion Week in Review.

December 13, 2007 • Celebrity Style

Here we go…


Celebutard Socialite Kourtney
Kardashian at 7th annual Hollywood Life Breakthrough of the
Year Awards in

Comment: Let’s see, a lace bra sewn to a Hanes t-shirt. Um, no. The satin skirt does not class it up. But then again, what else do you expect from a Hollywood socialite’s younger sis. I mean, can you really get any lower on the celeb food chain?

She’s thinking: What an I doing at a Breakthrough of the Year Awards party? I don’t do anything. I did breakthrough some social circles though, does that count?

Kat Kramer at the "Superbad" cocktail reception at the 7th annual Hollywood
Life Breakthrough of the Year Awards in Hollywood.

Comment: This outfit is super bad. The dress, the matching colored bag, the leather gloves and the out-of-date shoes. Oh and let’s not forget the sheer black hose.

She’s thinking: I’m a cougar. I’m hot. Meeoooow! It took me a week to put this ensemble together.


CoCo at the "I Am Legend" New York Premiere in New York City.

Comment: Yes, CoCo (Ice-T’s wife) you are a legend. It’s cold in New York which would explain the fur, but the outfit underneath is 100% California cheese. You have to love a women who is not afriad to show her girls off. And show she does.

She’s thinking: No I’m the cougar.


Actresses Shannyn
Sossamon and Sophia Myles the premiere of "P.S. I Love You"
in Hollywood.

Comment: I am only going to pick on Shannyn
Sossamon because by comparison,
Sophia Myles looks fantastic (although boring). Um, hello? This is a red carpet and that country estate outside of Cornwall house-marm outfit ain’t cutting it. It’s dowdy and she is far too pretty to be this drab. It’s like the head does not go with the body .

She’s thinking: I am so overdressed.


Juliette Lewis at the Led Zeppelin Tribute To Ahmet Ertegun concert afterparty in London, England.

Comment: You know…I have decided I love this girl. I admire her dedication to bad taste and she does it so well. In fact, she has officially crossed over to the other side and is the one person (female) I figure can get away with this. You just know she doesn’t take herself too seriously and I admire that. Besides, this outfit is a hundred times better than her "Juliette and the Licks" performance get-ups.

She’s thinking: Who gives a rat’s butt about fashion? I just saw Led Zepplin and you didn’t. Who’s cool now bitches? By the way, they rocked. Robert Plant is a God and I’m cool.


Jada Pinkett-Smith
at the "I Am Legend" premiere in New York City.

Comment: Is it just me or is she beginning to look like Scary Spice? She always looks like she just walked downwind of something really stinky. She also looks pinched in this outfit. Let lose, breath a little. She’s wound like a top.

She’s thinking: It’s NYC and I’m freezing my ass off! I so do not want to be here. Will? Where the hell is my husband? Is he off with Tom Cruise again? What’s with those two? I want to get the f*ck out of her. N-O-W!

Kathy Griffin at the
More Magazine and Women In Film filmmaker luncheon in West Hollywood.

Comment: Here’s the deal. I L-O-V-E Kathy Griffin. She is one of the funniest women around today and the only one that can make me laugh until I cry. However, I just want to break her of her affinity to cheap polyester pants. By now she can afford better quality. I also wish she would stop it with the plastic surgery. She’s cool, but you never know what she is going to look like. I usually have to read the caption and then I think "oh, I had no idea that was her. What the hell has she done this time?" It’s scary.

She’s thinking: Look, I’m touching her 40 year-old tata!

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