Frequent Flyer. Packing With Some Glam.

December 20, 2007 • Fashion

At 7:25AM yesterday morning I stepped off an airplane, dragging my business fashions behind me in a rolling suitcase. After being jostled around in my very touchy rental car all day, I checked into my hotel and went through my unpacking ritual. Once I placed the quart-sized Ziploc bag—filled with security-friendly 3-oz. beauty gels and liquids—onto the bathroom counter, I realized that there must be a formula to make this routine just a little more glamorous. 


Courtesy of IPA Travel Survey

For the ideal carry-on, I’ve always followed the classic “mix and match” adage. My first step in that direction is to set aside the suit.


Nanette Lepore Tuxedo Jacket 
Well that part’s easy. But considering the other necessary pair of slacks I have to bring, nothing is worse than pairing a suit jacket with a different pair of trousers (no matter what anyone says, all blacks do not match), so there is a necessity for a third cover-up. Another suit jacket, however, is a bit too bulky for overhead compartment. This vest/t-shirt/slacks idea therefore is the perfect solution. Plus I could wear this shirt under the pre-packed suit!


Alice + Olivia Mod Vest

Along with the simple black shirt, I also have a collection of feather-weight turtlenecks and blouses I always pack along for perfect solo and layering pieces.


Classiques Entier Fine Merino Wool Turtleneck


Laurel Ruffle Blouse – J. Crew

And shoes—my cardinal rule and a room-saver in the suitcase: one pair of classic pumps through the airport and at meetings, one pair of sneakers in the suitcase.


Christian Louboutin La Donna Mary Jane Pumps



For the daily makeover, the airport rules instill being simple and minimal—so every trip’s goal is to make a little go a long way. The “Airplane Approved Beauty” section on Sephora’s website has been my lifesaver!


Smashbox Foundation


Tarte Cheek Stain


Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara

Too Faced Glamour To Go

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

Speaking of accessories—I used to bring jewelry pouches of multiple pieces for those “just in case” moments. Now I’m down to simple studs, one pair of funky hoops, one statement necklace and one ring. I also make sure the pieces don’t necessarily go together, but they individually put the final touch on each versatile outfit.


Marcia Moran Blue Chalcedony Circle Earrings


Floating Cubic Zirconia Necklace

Banana Republic Pave Dome Ring

And of course, let’s not forget the packaging. My laptop has never looked so good… .


McKlein Barrington Women’s Laptop Tote

So, as I set up my wake-up call, I wonder: Can function really blend with fashion? Well I sure hope so; otherwise, my upcoming travels will be looking much more bland.

—Rachel Yeomans

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3 Responses to Frequent Flyer. Packing With Some Glam.

  1. I love, love, love that laptop tote! A fabulous find!

  2. shoppingferret says:

    I have no idea what kind of bag you’re using, or how long your trip is, but unless this is an overnight trip and you simply don’t *want* to pack more, this is complete nonsense.
    With the proper luggage, it is quite possible to pack a large variety of clothes, shoes, and accessories — I have traveled to Europe for four trips of 8 – 9 days with *only* carry-on luggage. I recommend the Victorianox Werks 2.0 22″ rolling suitcase and the matching laptop case (which is about 9″ deep, and nearly all open on the inside). Wearing my coat and a pair of boots on the plane, I can quite easily fit 4 pairs of shoes, half-a-dozen trousers and skirts, a couple of jackets, several pairs of PJs, and as many tops and pieces of jewelry as I wish.
    In the laptop bag, I put my purse, laptop, camera, charger kit, outlet converter, ipod or headphones, medications, a printout of all my reservations andd itinerary, guidebooks, cosmetics and toiletries, notepad, sleep mask, and the inflatable shoulder pad thing so I can sleep on the plane.
    I can quite easily carry my luggage if I need to, as stairs are often mandatory on my travels.
    Really, the whole minimalist thing is just giving up, in my opinion. I want to look *fabulous* wherever I go, and whatever occasion comes up. That’s just not possible with two pairs of trousers and three pieces of jewelry.

  3. Rachel Yeomans says:

    Dear shoppingferret:
    First of all, kudos to you on fitting an 8- to 9-day European trip into a sole carry-on!! Every time I go to Europe I have to buy another suitcase just to fit all my new purchases! However that is for personal vacations–I do feel I have to clarify my write-up a bit by saying this was geared towards the three-day/two-night business travel with one of the days being partly airborne. My personal tastes for work travel have been to bring simple and classic pieces and mix and match (that way I’m not accidentally mixing patterns and colors before my 6:30AM work meetings). However as I said, these are just my *personal* tastes. It sounds like you have a fantastic regimen and the more viewpoints our readers see on the subjects we post the better they can decide which form of “fabulous” fits them to their personal best! Thank you very much for your post, and I’ll make sure to check out that Victorinox Werks Travel Bag (for those of you interested in viewing, a link is:
    Happy Travels!

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