Fashion Faux Pas…Faux Labeling Faux Fur

December 21, 2007 • Fashion


Pologeorgis Long Lippi Coat $9,500 Neiman Marcus

According to WWD, the Humane Society has uncovered six instances of incorrectly advertised or mislabeled fur jackets through their own investigation.

disclosure yesterday prompted,
and to make adjustments to their Web sites.
Representatives from each Web site acknowledged they inadvertently
advertised jackets with rabbit fur as faux fur and took steps to either
remove the jackets or update their site.

The inquiry also found Andrew Marc and Marc New
York jackets were labeled as having polyester trim that was actually
raccoon dog. Additonally, a Preston & York jacket at and a
Ramosport jacket at were found to have been mislabeled and
advertised incorrectly.

Misidentifying fur products
violates the Fur Products Labeling Act and can lead to seizure of the
goods and fines of as much as $5,000 for each violation, said the
advocacy group.

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