Time Is Of The Essence — Luxury Watches For The New Year

December 23, 2007 • Magazine

Time Is Of The Essence — Luxury Watches For The New Year

Time Is Of The Essence — Luxury Watches For The New Year

Sat, 2007-12-22 18:00

Lauren Flemming

It’s the start of a new year and the overwhelming resolution on most people’s minds is to spend their time wisely this year. To keep track of all the commitments that an entire year holds, treat yourself to a stylish luxury watch. Second City Style shows you how to wear both function and fashion in your everyday life.

1. Calvin Klein is known for producing watches that are timeless and chic — this is one of their signature looks. It’s a great day-time piece for any occasion.
Calvin Klein Watch $125 amazon.com

2. An obviously stunning watch, gold and diamonds are glamorous and stunning for a sophisticated look. The face has 28 diamonds dancing around the mother-of-pearl dial.
Citizen Watch $525 citizenwatch.com

3. The chocolate brown strap and face offset by stark white diamonds is such a beautiful contrast. It’s dressy without being formal and can still go from day to night, and back to day, with ease. With 120 diamonds, it’s the perfect feminine interpretation of the sporty lines of other TAG Heuer watches of its kind.
TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watch $2095 tagheuer.com

4. The essential Swiss Army watch should be included on every watch list. They know how to make their watches more than just beautiful with Swiss precision details. I love the punch of red encircling the face. It’s a little sporty and a lot cool—the best part is it epitomizes the Swiss Army look.
Swiss Army Watch $150 swissarmy.com

5. Roman numerals and a marriage of gold and silver create a versatile luxury watch that any woman could wear. With the Cartier label, you know its quality and comes with Parisian beauty unmatched by any other.
Cartier Panthere Watch $4650 jomashop.com

6. This piece looks like something that’s been passed down through generations. It’s designed for a woman, so it’s sexy, powerful and antique looking—this pairs just as easily with preppy as it does with vintage.
Kenneth Cole Watch $350 kennethcole.com

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