It’s in the Details. Last Year Is So Passé: 10 Fashion Predictions For 2008

December 27, 2007 • Fashion


Joanne Molina, Senior Editor for Second City Style Magazine

With 2007 about to come to an end it’s time to reflect on what’s ahead: the good, the bad and most importantly — the ugly.
So as you’re giving thanks for all the fashionable fortune that has
come your way why not take a moment and imagine the year ahead in the
world of frivolity…

1. Marc Jacobs will get pregnant. Seriously
— what’s left at this point? Between his Camel Toe (!) costume and his
Spring 2007 show this seems to be the only thing left to create that
hasn’t been done by this fashion god.

2. Celebrity designers: the trend continues as former child stars take their cue from the Olsen twins. Britney develops a crotchless panty line to sell at Steve & Barry’s and Urkel gives us an avant-garde men’s line.

3. BravoTV debuts their new Project Runway spin-off called Scraps.
It will follow the life of the people who need to salvage the remnants
out of the garbage in the fashion district and the LA designers who
capitalize off of them.

4. Premiere designer “it” bags will not only start at $30,000 but will require a small vial of blood at the time of check-out. What? It’s all about quality.

5. Shoppers will decide to cut out the middlemen like Forever 21 and just start walking into designer boutiques and stealing garments.

6. We’ll stop picking on Jennifer Love Hewitt and focus on really fat people like Nicole Ritchie.
When will the saga end? Models ought to be able to display a designer’s
wardrobe and if bones are sticking out it distracts from the garments
and if a body is overpowering the clothes then that’s distracting too.
Besides, soon models will be passé and we’ll have to bicker about
holograms instead.

7. New York Fashion week will debut next fall running a full 4 weeks and two of those weeks will be devoted to waiting for Marc Jacobs to arrive.

8. There will be a brand new “how-to” style book that reveals insider secrets that you would never think of yourself like: buy a trenchcoat, a pair of great black pants and a suit. Oh, and a bra that fits.

9. Eco-conscious branding will continue to be a hit
with consumers. They’ll continue buying and disposing of the millions
of new products at the speed of light, thus increasing the amount of
pollution, garbage and rate of global warming.

10. Print fashion magazines will finally realize that for the exception of the ones who actually produce fine photography and expertly written prose, their days are pretty much numbered. Oh, right that was last year… and the year before… and the year before.

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3 Responses to It’s in the Details. Last Year Is So Passé: 10 Fashion Predictions For 2008

  1. ms. fabulous says:

    absolute hilarity. well done.

  2. Oh gosh, #7 had me laughing out loud. GREAT post!

  3. Layla says:

    Fashion is such a tricky industry to predict, because what is here today is gone tomorrow. Regardless, it’s fun to guess what’s going to be “in” for the various season.

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