Up Fur Discussion

December 29, 2007 • Magazine

Up Fur Discussion

Up Fur Discussion

Sat, 2007-12-29 17:00

Thomas Kikis

As a guy, I’m rarely faced with the fur and animal cruelty dilemma. On occasion, I’ll come across a shearling jacket or a sweatshirt with a fur trim hood. They usually don’t fit me, nor do they fit my budget. With such limits, I can live life without guilt. Women on the other hand have plenty of reasons to cross over to the dark side: Chinchilla coats, tops with mink details, and sweater dresses made of alpaca soft enough to sleep in. It’s a buzz kill when you think of what the animals went through to be transformed from fury, four-legged creatures to a Louis Vuitton cape made especially for Andre Leon Talley to wear during fashion week.

After Googling “animal cruelty” I was greeted with websites featuring squeamish pictures of rabbits, sheep, and other animals that I could not identify. All of which were covered in blood and locked into cages. PETA’s website screams at you: “Fur is worn by beautiful animals & ugly people.” I understand their message, but why must they use cheesy rhymes and elementary finger pointing in order to prove a point? I highly doubt such PR shenanigans will catch the attention of the fashion leaders and influencers they are trying to reach out to. But I guess everyone’s an attention whore – even if the trampiness is for a positive end result.

Now that I’ve sufficiently stressed you out, I will provide some much deserved retail therapy. I will not preach about where I stand on the issue and tell you which side to take. When it comes to passing moral judgment, I am in no position to slam down the gavel and guilt anyone into tears. I once “borrowed” the handicap tag off my grandmother’s rear-view mirror and used it when going to the mall. Such tomfoolery only led to finding a scathing, hand-written note under my windshield wiper when I returned to my car: “You are a selfish, spoiled teenager. You should be ashamed of yourself…” and so on. I was actually 20 at the time and I should have known better. I could have at least faked a limp as I made my way into Saks to buy myself a winter jacket. At least it wasn’t lined with fur.

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