Happy New You!

December 30, 2007 • Magazine

Happy New You!

Happy New You!

Sat, 2007-12-29 09:00

Jenn Scott

Your shoulders hurt from over-filled bags, you are stressed because your luggage has gone to Dallas, Texas and you are in Chicago, and your Aunt Mildred is relentlessly chasing you around with a picture of an “eligible” bachelor. As if dealing with holiday, family drama isn’t enough. One thing you don’t need to worry about is your wardrobe.

Just because you are on a break from work for a bit, doesn’t mean it’s time to break out the sweats and college hoodies. This holiday season is all about setting the tone for your year! Don’t be afraid of mixing clothing genres. Explore the casual realm with a splash of business professional. Start with sporty and add some glam. Genre hybrids are something that you can create all on your own! No one else will be wearing what you have on, because you made it up! This liberating breed allows the freedom of imagination. With a few key items, the possibilities are endless.

A sure way to feel great about yourself is accentuating the areas of your body that you love. Smile and eyes are a natural element that everyone has — rev them up with some runway makeup! Sporting the urban chic look? Pair it with some fake eyelashes and bright eye shadow. Making a bold statement with your eyes pulls drama to your look and creates an element that will stop people in their tracks. Being creative with your natural canvas can generate glances of appreciation, gorgeous new makeup trends, and lots of fun!

Feeling a bit frazzled and out of time to run to the salon? Not a problem! Hats are no longer reserved for bad hair days or hideous dye jobs. You can add a hint of boyish sophistication with a cabbie hat. This hat can be your most versatile piece this season. Throw it on with jeans and boots or cap off your party dress and curly locks with an unexpected twist.

Sometimes women forget about the power of layering. During the wintry months, layers can be our greatest ally. Not only does it offer the ability to add a slimming effect, it also generates a little bit of extra warmth! Having a light-weight, sweater jacket can be a very versatile piece in your fashion-forward wardrobe. You can throw it with jeans and ballet flats or dress it up with a party dress and pumps.

A staple of any wardrobe is a cute skirt. Anytime you buy a piece of clothing, think about how it will fit in to your style, your current wardrobe, and the look you are trying to achieve. Always choose pieces that are work well with more than one top and can be paired with other items to create a look that makes a bold statement. Skirts can be paired with a simple T-shirt to create a fashionably casual look. Or they can be completely glam with an elegant top and to-die-for pumps.

Many times our totes and bags can be a forgotten art. Don’t let it be! Make a statement with a piece that is with you all day, every day. Spend a little extra dough on a bag that will make you feel sexy, set you apart, and have a place for all your treasures! Choosing a bag with an extra flare can spice up any outfit. Whether you are running to the grocery store, headed to the gym, or off to work on a Monday morning…your bag can speak volumes about the kind of girl you are. Don’t be a afraid to choose something you really like. When you stop worrying about what is “in,” your wardrobe will diversify before your eyes!

Last but not least, your feet need something to be excited about. After all, they take you many places and are often taken advantage of in the name of fashion. Treat them to some comfort and style. Grab some flat, supportive tennis shoes. Don’t worry about the color, because they come in many! This is an edgy new way of being comfy and sexy. Pair your tennis shoes with some jeans and a sweater or a skirt and zip-up jacket. The possibilities are endless, but the comfort is not!

Start your new year off right with pieces that you love. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You might be surprised with what you can come up with when you let your creativity take the wheel.
Begin with what you like, and you can never go wrong!

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