Bad Idea. Don’t Buy This Necklace

January 2, 2008 • Accessories


What’s wrong with this picture? Well aside from the fact the model is wearing a white bra under the dark plum top that we can clearly see, and the bra isn’t very supportive which we can also clearly see…the necklace is just plain fugly. Worse still, it’s navy. And patent.

These were on the fall runway, but we thought it was a joke. Or at least prayed. Please, don’t look like a fashion victim and purchase this. We beg of you.

Cacharel navy patent bubble necklace $125 at Mick Margo

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  1. Laura says:

    Maybe this isnt a necklace to buy but i know where to look for some great ones.. Premium Pearl. com! They have some great stuff for all styles and budgets so check them out!

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