Project Runway Season Four. Episode Six: The Hershey Highway. Memorable Quotes.

January 3, 2008 • Lifestyle


You would have thought an episode based around a Hershey’s Chocolate design challenge would have been chock full of nuts and great quotes…but it wasn’t. In fact, the quotes were the most lackluster of the season. Also unexpected this episode…Ricky did NOT cry!


The mad dash!

We loved the challenge which was basically a child’s (or a chocoholic’s) dream come true. Five minutes in the chocolate factory (in this case, store) grabbing whatever you could get your hands on. Like Christian, I would have grabbed all of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Unlike Christian, I would have eaten them all until I was sick (the horror of watching him pitch them into the garbage for the brown paper wrappers!) For those of you who missed it; the challenge was to design a banging outfit using only materials found inside the Hershey store. Fortunately, there were many tacky stuffed pillows (Kisses, Kit Kats, Hershey Bars, etc.) the designers could use…rather than food products.


Christian ruining peanut butter cups. Blasphemy!

Yadda, yadda, yadda and bang! There were some great, quirky get-ups! The only cliffhanger was Jillian’s made of Twizzlers bustier and flapper skirt. No worries. She pulled it off and it was one of my (and the judges) favorites. My other favorites included; Kit Kat’s, Chris’, Christian’s and Rami’s.

In the end, Rami won and Elise was out. She thought her design was avant guard and the judges (and I agree) thought it was just brown and ugly. Sweet P had better get it together fast. She has treaded at the bottom far too long and will be next if she doesn’t pull something amazing off next week. It was a toss-up whose look was worse.

One more thing…what was with the stupid, affected walk Victorya made her model use on the runway? Her model looked like a milk maid on ludes. She should have been aufed on that alone!

Winner: Rami




Sweet P’s

Loser: Elise

Memorable Quotes:

"For the first time, like ever, I was not last." – Sweet P

"All the candy you can grab in a bag. It was so much fun." – Kit

"Work hard. Make it work." – Tim Gunn

"I’m cutting little bears apart. I feel so guilty." – Sweet P

"I think you need some hard core editing." – Christian to Sweet P

"It’s Jillian!" – Tim Gunn about Rami’s creation.

"I don’t think I knew it would take so much tediousness." – Jillian about using actual Twizzlers.

"Talk about a Cinderella fairy tale – we have until twelve [midnight] to finish it." – Elise

"It’s a tranny mess up in here." – Christian

"I felt for Jillian because I have been right where she is – using real food and having it come off." – Chris

"Poor Elise. The dress was just weird (with swimmies on the arms). Her dress is just a hot mess." – Christian

"Somehow there is a dress on my model." – Jillian

"I wanted to make chocolate wrappers look sexy." – Kevin

"Where’s the joy? It lost your joy. The joy of candy." – Michael Kors

"It’s deliciously chic!" – Michael Kors

"I was thinking Dairy Queen." – Heidi Klum on Victorya’s design

"His girl came out and I smiled." – Michael Kors

"No effort. No imagination." – Michael Kors about Sweet P’s design

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– Lauren Dimet Waters


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  1. DavidDust says:

    “The Hershey Highway”!! I am SO mad I didn’t think of that myself!
    Click on the link above for my recap.

  2. Lauren - SCS says:

    Sometimes I come up with a good one! Depends on my mood. I was inspired 🙂

  3. mai says:

    i think this show is fabulous. i really like the chris dress.
    me and my girls love the show and fashion
    check us out at
    love, mai

  4. Ranek Itoka says:

    the was one quote that ricky said about elise’s dress he said it looked a little barney rubble and i was laughing my ass off

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