Book Review. “How to Eat Like a Hot Chick” Eat Your Cake (For Breakfast & Spinach for Dinner).

January 4, 2008 • Lifestyle


Starting a diet for a New Year’s resolution is a sucker’s bet. It’s like beginning a diet on Monday. You will fail. So why not just change the way you approach food? Yes, as much as I hate all the diet commercials flooding the airways beginning December 31 that make you feel oh, so guilty…I hate the 3 lbs. I got for the holidays more!

Let’s face it, by now we all know you are what you eat. What goes in your mouth stays on your hips. How to Eat Like a Hot Chick doesn’t really tell you anything you don’t know, but in an age where everyone is looking for and being promised a quick fix…sometimes you need a not so gentle reminder that it’s all absurd blather.

Co-authors and friends Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent wrote this tongue-in-cheek, potty-mouthed (which I adore) and sometimes bust-out-laughing "anti-diet" book full of helpful tips
for those of us who love to eat, but don’t want to face we have to pay if we play. I already knew most of what they preached, but I have to admit I loved reading it. They nailed my neurotic cereal habit/food issue perfectly. I was shocked and relieved I was not the only one who could polish off a box if the milk/cereal ratio was not perfect (whoops, there is some milk left in the bowl, I had better add more cereal.) Hence, I no longer buy cereal. I can’t be trusted.

Eat whatever you want, and enjoy every bite…just in moderation. Women only need to consume about 1200-1800 calories a day to maintain (depending on your height and structure). Any more and you are going to tip the scales…not in your favor. So the authors provide cues to shave off unneeded calories as well as how to eat out for breakfast, lunch, happy hour or dinner (notice I didn’t say ‘and’?).

If you slip up, don’t feel bad about it, just go back to eating healthy your next meal. If you want a chocolate cake for breakfast (and who doesn’t?) then have it, but be prepared to eat a pound of spinach with a "f*ckload" of Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top for dinner. It’s all about give and take. Just don’t berate yourself. Hot chicks love themselves…always.

The book also touches upon common pitfalls such as mixed drinks, salad bars and sandwiches which can all be loaded with extra calories. They are not saying you should give up those things
completely, but thankfully give examples of better choices and substitutes. Hot chicks are not controlled by food! They do not have LSE (low self-esteem) nor are they Mary-Kates (anorexic). Check the ‘hot lingo’ preface.

I throughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it above all the other (crappy) diet books on the shelves today. It’s time to get real girl.

I’m giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

One word of caution: Lipper and Vincent adore Splenda (they recommend adding it with fresh lemon juice to your boring water…which I have been sucking down since I read the book). However, Splenda isn’t any better than the other chemical artificial sweeteners (the ones in the pink and blue packets) and is loaded with toxic chemicals (yuk). Try Stevia instead. It’s all natural, has zero calories and zero chemicals. Find it at your health food store. It costs a little more, but hey, you’re worth it.

Order "How to Eat Like a Hot Chick: Eat What You Love, Love How You Feel" for $11.16 at Amazon

-Lauren Dimet Waters

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