“WTF Was She Thinking?” Bad Celeb Fashion Week in Review.

January 7, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Oh we are so excited for 2008! Let’s hope our favorite fashion disasters don’t pony up for stylists this year! Game on!


Melanie Nicholls-King at ‘The Wire’ Season 5 Premier in NYC

Comment: This ensemble isn’t worthy of a day shopping in Soho, let alone a red carpet! Yes, it’s OK to wear white shoes any time of the year now, but not those white shoes. The best part of the outfit are her jeans. Hey, I’m trying here.

She’s thinking: I feel so out of place. I am seriously under dressed. This is my uncomfortable smile.


Amy Fisher’s
promotional appearance at her "Amy Fisher Caught on Tape" premier in NYC

Let’s get this straight Amy Fisha, your husband Lou Bellera filmed the "two of youz" getting it on (ew), you separated and temporarily dated the man whose wife you shot (Joey Buttafuoco) 16
years ago and in a jealous fit your husband released the video for
profit, you took him back and now you are promoting it together? Hmm,
sounds a little fishy and trashy. That would explain the horrid
polyester number. Palazzo pants and those leather boots are so,
well…1992. Our expectations are low anyway. This
Long Island Lolita is drawn to bad judgement like Britney’s drawn to crystal meth. 

She’s thinking:
I’m just here to D.J.and support my loving husband.
This has nothing to do with the sex tape that I don’t condone. Really. I don’t.

Actress/Director Sarah Polley at the 2007 New York Film Critic’s Circle Awards in NYC

Comment: Well thank God it wasn’t a Fashion Critic’s award circle! This outfit has Hillary Duff before she found as stylist written all over it. Not bad if you are 16, live in rural America and spend Saturday evenings at the mall. Not so much if you are on a RED CARPET! Too bad, because she is cute and has total potential.

She’s thinking: What? This doesn’t look good?

Mary Hart at The
19th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala in Palm Springs

Comment: Oh Mary Hart. Did you turn 100 on us overnight? (Gee, that would make us like 75). This gown is badly cut and ill-fitting. The color and style scream OLD LADY. Older than she is (58). She’s not old enough to be wearing this! Think how you are stressing out us fashionistas! This is what we have to look forward to? We are not advocating she go the Grandma Jezebel route, but a tad more modern is encouraged. Think Oscar not David (as in David’s Bridal).

She’s thinking: Where’s my walker?

Angela Robinson at ‘The L Word’ Season 5 premier in L.A.

Comment: OK, we get it. You don’t care. However, couldn’t you at least try? A little? Please? How about a Juicy down jacket, wide leg jeans and a nice dark shoe. It doesn’t have to be a heel, but something that doesn’t make you look like you have tree stumps for legs. At least? Baby steps.

She’s thinking: Damn it’s cold out here! Wait, this is L.A.?

Pamela Anderson at a New Years Eve party at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas

Comment: Yeah, we know this photo is from more than a week ago, but it was a short week and there wasn’t all that much bad fashion (sadly). Besides, how could we resist this? Aside from losing her recent short-lived spouse (is he the third or fourth?), she has clearly lost her pants. On the bright side, at least this time we are not exposed to her massive fake cleavage.

She’s thinking: Two parties in one night and I have no man, or pants. Where’s Borat? He loves me.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: WireImage

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