Project Runway Season Four. Episode Seven: Carrie’s Hairy Scary Prom. Memorable Quotes.

January 10, 2008 • Lifestyle


Maybe we should have titled this post "Christian’s Hairy, Scary Prom!" Last night’s challenge was not one of my favorites, yet it illicited some of the best memorable quotes. Go figure. Bravo might like to think the Prom is the most important event in a girl’s life, but it was a joke at my high school. I graduated in a class of 27 so it was a non-event. Prom wear does not excite me at all. Especially at my age now. From a design standpoint? Prom gowns are just icky.

Once again the models were replaced, which is really starting to annoy me. A lacrosse team of high school girls chose the designer they wanted to create their prom dress based on their portfolio. As expected, many had their own ideas. I actually felt sorry for Christian who was bull-dozed by a 17 year-old hellion on wheels named Maddie. The self-proclaimed designer wanted glitz and more glitz which was giving Christian a near nervous breakdown and was almost his undoing. I thought he was going to cry (but we have Ricky for that). She should have chosen the other Chris. Kudos to Christian for not wringing the girl’s neck. He was more than patient.

Christian and Mad Maddie

The trick of the challenge was to balance giving the client what she wanted, making something appropriate for a teenager and stay true to their own design style and sensibility. Most failed at balancing all three.

Victorya was victorious. She completed the balancing act perfectly which resulted in a dress fit for a prom princess (however, I would have preferred a long gown). Sweet P came in second with a gorgeous gown! In fact, hers was my favorite. Yeah Sweet P! We knew you had it in you!

Christian’s inability to control his client almost got him aufed. Especially in the eyes of Nina Garcia who was visibly pissed he tried to blame it all on Maddie. I agreed with the judges and thought Ricky’s lacked workmanship, but in the end it was Kevin who was booted for designing a dress in bad fabric, in a jarring color and without a hem that was fit more for a 40 year-old. It was Kevin’s first real failure and I am so sorry to see him go. He was one of my favorites.

One more thing…I loved Rami’s dress. Yes, it was a little old for his client, but it was gorgeous. Oh! And Ricky managed to choke back his tears this week. Barley.

Winner: Victorya

Sweet P



Loser: Kevin

Memorable Quotes:

"I thought they were midgets or umpah-lumpas." – Kevin about the models

"Crazily enough, I miss Elisa." – Victorya

"I don’t know what the girl who chose me is thinking because my portfolio is full of crazy stuff." – Chris

"We all knew there eventually would be an evening wear challenge. I don’t think we thought it’d be on 16 and 17 year-olds." – Chris

"I come from New Jersey. I know everyone goes tanning and steals booze from their parents. I’ll put a chastity belt inside my garment." – Kevin

"Nicole wants a very plunging neckline and she wants a very low back, like below the waist. She also wants ivory. I’m a little nervous. It’s not her wedding day. Hopefully she’s not going to lose her virginity. " – Sweet P about her client

"I was best dressed at the prom." – Christian

"I’m not feeling fierce right now." – Christian

"Is it just me or is my hair bigger than usual?" – Jillian (Tina Turner)

"She said she likes her butt sticking out. I’m not going home because I listening to a teenager. No, no way!" – Sweet P

"It’s so tickery-tackery now. I can’t let a 17 year-old overpower me." – Christian

"I definitely need to kick ass." – Sweet P

"I was sorta worried the mother would have me arrested." – Sweet P

"Is she going to look like she’s wearing her mother’s dress?" – Tim Gunn to Rami

"Don’t give up! You’re too talented. You’re too good!" – Tim Gunn to Christian

"It’s Erika Ba(d)-Don’t." – Christian

"I think Heidi should have made a prom dress too." – Rami

"When I had a girlfriend, I made her prom dress. That probably should have been a clue right there." – Ricky

"I had a great time at my prom. That’s all I have to say (blush)." – Sweet P

"It’s a little Grecian mixed with Hollywood glamour." – Sweet P about her design.

"Christian had a model who was, how should we say…outspoken." – Chris

"Let’s be honest – look what Hollywood at 18 is." – Michael Kors

"It’s fun, it’s modern, it’s appropriate." – Nina Garcia about Victory’s design.

"The girl inside me would wear this!" – Ricky

"I think she looked like $29.99 prom." – Michael Kors about Kevin’s design

"Immunity is priceless." – Victorya

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: BravoTV

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