Pretty Minis: Vanity Compacts

January 13, 2008 • Magazine

Pretty Minis: Vanity Compacts

Pretty Minis: Vanity Compacts

Sat, 2008-01-12 10:00

Emily Huggins

I’ve decided that my new vintage obsession of the moment are the powder compacts women carried during the early years of the 20th century, all the way up until the 1960s. Don’t think for a second that I’m talking about that MAC or Bobbi Brown compact you have rattling around in your ‘IT’ bag of the moment. These vanity compacts were the ‘IT’ bag! Young women wanted to carry around a mini purse that allowed them freedom of movement and the ability to powder their nose! Make-up was so taboo before this time that any respectable lady wouldn’t be caught dead fixing herself up in public.

The best part about these compacts was that they were not just a make-up container, but an all-in-one gorgeous style statement — make-up holder, as well as a handbag and fashion accessory. These beauts were meant to be shown off!

Compacts ranged from art-deco inspired motifs, to bakelite, cloisonné with jewel-encrusted tops. They were typically round in size, with or without a finger chain (a little ring at the top of the chain to place on your finger!), or little wrist chain. Some compacts had mesh backing or mesh hanging down from the bottom. The possibilities were truly endless when it came to styles.

So why not chuck that huge handbag you have right now, and pick up one of these pretty mini styles for a night on the town?

1. Enamel Evans Austrian Compact with Deco Bird $275

2. Evans 1930 Mesh Compact Purse $240

3. Gold Metal and Enamel Vanity Case $275

4. Mirror, Mirror…Fun Figural DFB Vanity Compact $125

5. Exquisite Jeweled Goldtone Powder & Rouge Finger Ring Compact $78

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