Blahnik Tonic. Hunter Wellingtons: You Don’t Have to Know Who Kate Moss is to Appreciate Them.

January 14, 2008 • Accessories

As I was sitting in my apartment last week, wondering why I was witnessing thunder and lightning during January in Chicago, I glanced over at my old Hunter Wellington rain boots, that are eternally positioned by my front door “just in case”. The truth is, I could care less whether or not it is raining, snowing, or 75 degrees and sunny. I always want to wear my wellies. So, when my dad, who was supposed to be in the oh so cosmopolitan Panama City for another day or so, called from Midway airport instructing me to pick him up and take him to the emergency room, you can imagine my surprise. I threw on my boots and was out the door. After arriving at St. Joseph’s Hospital, I began to notice the nurses were glancing over at me and whispering to one another. I started thinking that maybe it wasn’t just a food-related illness he had picked up down in Panama, but that their may be something seriously wrong with my father. Finally, Nurse Daphne approached me and after looking at what I thought was the ground said, “Girl, your boots are HOT. Where did you find those things? Oh, we just love ‘em.”


Daphne didn’t strike me as fashion savvy, to say the least, which made me wonder what it was about these boots that actually made them so incredibly distinct. It’s no secret that, while Hunter Wellingtons have been around for 150 years, they have gained enormous popularity in the past five. With the likes of Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow sporting them at different UK music festivals, they were destined to soon be seen on every street corner, in every city, and now, in every color. So, if the classic dark green doesn’t compliment you’re spring wardrobe (after all, bright is the new black) perhaps the boot in pumpkin or merlot will better suit you. Thus, there is no sense in foregoing fashion for protection from the inevitable rain that will come with springtime… or if you live in Chicago, January, of course.


Kate Moss at The 2005 Glastonbury Festival Google Image


Hunter Original $98.95 at


Original Hunter Wellington Rain Boots, $98 at

— Emilie Furda

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  1. mike says:

    Cant wait to get a pair of pumpkins

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