My Perez Moment. Getting Older Sucks!

January 14, 2008 • Off-Topic


Excuse me for going all Perez Hilton, but…long before I had a raging crush on George Clooney, I loved Ken Olin of ‘thritysomething’ (1987-1991). Thankfully I was not quite in that age group yet, but I loved the gang! Michael, Hope, Melissa, Elliot, Nancy, Gary and even Miles who are now all fifty-something will always hold a special place in my heart with their silly little problems and adult angst. However, I wanted to marry Michael Steadman. He was sexy, sincere and hot!

Now that Ken Olin is a successful producer/director (Felicity, Alias, Brothers & Sisters) he is behind the scenes. Still married to ‘thritysomething’ co-star Patricia Wettig I had to do a triple take of the photos of my dreamboat at Saturday’s The Art of Elysium gala.




Oh no! Faced now with my own aging fears, my day is ruined.

-Lauren Dimet Waters

Above photo: WireImage


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4 Responses to My Perez Moment. Getting Older Sucks!

  1. lady coveted says:

    oh no… at least you didn’t have a crush on michael madsen when he was in thelma & louise… at least yours developed his career in a good way.

  2. Good point. I’m just traumatized, really. My hottie looks like an average man now. The reality of life, I guess.

  3. Michele says:

    How do you feel about the fact that she still looks exactly the same?

  4. Good point. She really does look the same. Good for her! But what can I say? I was focused on him. 😉

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