Beauty Beat. Natayle’s Addiction: Ped Egg

January 15, 2008 • Beauty


I know I may seem as if I’m manicure/pedicure obsessed, but
I promise I’m not . . . OK, maybe a little. I just like to find products that
will enhance what is sometimes perceived to be one of the most undesirable part
of the body.

It is inevitable that over time calluses will form even on
the “prettiest” of feet, thus requiring products that can eliminate them. The
problem with most products out there is that they tend to leave a horrible,
disgusting mess and can sometimes be too harsh on the skin.

I’ve tried several products that claim to safely and
effectively rid feet of calluses and most have been 100% false in their claims.
So when I had the opportunity to test the Ped Egg, my expectations were
extremely low. I was, however, pleasantly surprised when I tested the
product—not only was it gentle, but it made my feet look amazing! It
effectively removed any dead skin without the mess of most callus removers!
With its handy shavings reservoir, it caught all the dead skin so I never had
to lay eyes on it or clean it up off the floor! Once done, you simply toss the
shaving away. This product is a MUST for any pedicure arsenal!

The Ped Egg $10

-Natayle Henry

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