Is Liz Claiborne Over? Issac Mizrahi Disses Target and Comes To the Rescue?

January 16, 2008 • Breaking News


(a winter trend a la Claiborne)

Everyone loves a good whore and those in doubt should continue reading….

WWD has just announced Issac Mizrahi has just been named the Creative Director of the former 80s womens fashion powerhouse. His responsibilities will include "… brand design and marketing functions for women’s apparel, accessories and licensing."  While I admire Liz and who can’t be seduced by Issac (hey, he got away with feeling up Scarlett, right) I’m not sure he’s ready to take on another project… and abandon the place that made him a household name (Target, ahem). Must have been some major green exchange. Hmmmm… I’m thinking he’s stretching it a bit thin, no? — Joanne Molina, Senior Editor

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