Wearing Fur With Pride?

January 16, 2008 • Fashion

I was raised by a San Francisco native who, in protest to the long Chicago winters, wore her floor length raccoon coat pretty much from November through March. I never thought anything of it, and grew up with the notion that when it’s cold, you wear fur. So, during my four years as an undergrad at the University of Colorado at Boulder, that simplistic notion of wearing fur turned into a common sense fact that wearing fur is completely taboo, and you just don’t do it. I remember coming home to Chicago for holidays, and cringing at the sight of my mother in her raccoon, begging her not to wear that hideous coat in public. One time we were walking down Michigan Avenue and a man stopped her and threatened to pour red paint on her coat. She looked at me, and very clearly, said, "It’s 20 degrees outside—of course I’m wearing fur."

After leaving Boulder and moving back Chicago, my stance on wearing fur has changed once again. I even went so far as to wear my ever-so-classy grandmother’s Voziou New York fur bolero on New Year’s Eve. When people began making comments, I suddenly felt like an Olsen twin. In the age of PETA, wearing fur has become a "shameful" act, and it makes me nostalgic for the days when our mother’s wore their furs with pride.

Mary-Kate Olsen has received much criticism for continuing to wear fur after PETA nicknamed her and her sister "The Trollsen Twins"
Image: adelineandhazel.com

—Emilie Furda

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2 Responses to Wearing Fur With Pride?

  1. RonG says:

    Good for you for being reasonable and not living with anxiety trying to conform to some goofy group’s agenda.
    Furs are the best defense in cold weather. Just ask any Russian. Stay warm, girl.

  2. Pianegonda says:

    although PETA’s hypocrisy knows no end, i have to disagree. there’s much better ways to stay warm in the winter.

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