Ask the Bean: Sole Survival

January 17, 2008 • Fashion


Dear Bean,

I have a five-block walk between my house and the bus every
morning. With the current slush and snow covering the sidewalks, my
pumps are getting ruined! I’ve looked into getting some galoshes or
other work boots, but I just can’t bring myself to wear my work suits
with mukluks. Do you have some advice on “commuting shoes” I can wear
and how to save my other shoes from the current conditions?

Desperate Soles

Dear Desperate,

Oh the hardships of the daily commute! I completely understand your
want to remain fashionable during this slushy time of year; however I
believe most fellow commuters will empathize with your predicament.

And lucky for you, mukluks are no longer the sole option for
commuting footwear. So save those work pumps by packing them in your
purse and only wearing them upon safely entering your winter-free

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