Project Runway Season Four. Episode Eight: Avant-Garde and Kit Goes Country. Memorable Quotes.

January 17, 2008 • Lifestyle


Episode Eight: The designers were asked to design an avant-garde look based on the models’ "pre-done" (and somewhat outrageous) hairstyles. Tim Gunn said to push this avant-garde design to the limit — it doesn’t necessarily have to be wearable! Then he pulled names out of a bag to team up the designers in pairs. The random teams chosen were Veronica and Jillian, Rami and Sweet P, Kit and Ricky, Christian and Chris.

Christian was happy and excited about his pairing with Chris "All he does is come up with costumes and crazy s**t…of course he is going to come up with something incredible!"

Most of the teams fell into place in regard to the leader. Kit took charge with Ricky, Chis and Christian actually worked together, Sweet P was confident letting Rami take the lead since she did not feel strong in avant-garde design…. But Jillian said "There was not a chance in hell that one of us was going to say ‘Okay – you be the leader.’." So they flipped a lid (no pun intended)…and Victorya became leader.

The Group Dynamics
Victorya and Jillian: Both have time management problems, so they were stressed out together about that.

Ricky and Kit: No problems in this team, Kit took charge and Ricky only wished she would make him cry.

Chis and Christian: Lots of giggling and cockiness…the only possible concern was whether their model could become a contortionist every time she had to try on their 45 yards of organza gown.

Sweet P and Rami: Okay, there were problems here. Sweet P was trying to get some of her own ideas in, and Rami was doing a Rami look (total drape) and thought she was not contributing. They were politely frustrated working with each other and emotionally drained. Sweet P actually ‘Rickied’ (cried).

Then Tim Gunn walked through the door in with one of his "special announcements." The teams had to design an additional ready-to-wear look "that captures the essence of the avant-garde look". Each team received $50 for extra fabric. Tressemme hair stylist Nathanial Hawkin came in and changed the models’ do’s to be more wearable with the ready-to-wear look. He also announced the winners and their models would get to be photographed for and advertisement for Tressemme in Elle magazine.

The guest designer was Alberta Ferretti who’s thick accent made her critiques sound even worse…


"Team Fierce" The Winners: Christian and Chris


Runners Up: Victorya and Jillian


Rami and Sweet P


Losers: Kit and Ricky. Kit is eliminated.

Memorable Quotes:

"OK bitches – let’s go! We’ve got to find out what our next challenge is." – Christian

"It’s the girl in me and the bitch in you." – Ricky to Kit

"If I were a diva, my name would be ‘Feroush." – Christian

"Let me just bone her." – Ricky (about the dress)

"I get scared with special announcements" – Kit

"Another look! I wanted to throw up. Oh my God, I was so pissed." – Christian

"My reaction was horror…nausea." – Victorya

"Pray for us!" – Jillian to Veronica, on her way to the fabric store.

"I don’t want it to look like Little House on the Prairie"  – Kit

"I’m trying to build us a cell phone tower…so we can call out." – Chris, building the couture dress with wires protruding upward from the model’s shoulders.

"My goal is our model Marcia comes out…and people’s jaws drop to the floor…and they never forget it…as long as they live." – Chris

"I’m just hoping…we don’t wind up in some kind of fist fight" – Sweet P

"How is ‘Team Fierce’?" –Tim Gunn to Christian and Chris

"Just have it be exuberant." – Tim Gunn

"Just put your arms up. This is couture humorati." – Chris to his model struggling into the dress.

"I like watching the judges faces and Nina Garcia could not keep the look off her face…" –Chris

"I was 10,000% happy!" – Christian

"I think the blouse is great looking. I think the skirt is a little bit of a throw-way…let’s be honest."  – Michael Kors to Christian and Chris

"Rami, I know that you do draping impeccably. I’m wondering if there is something else you can do." – Nina Garcia

"She looks like her ass is in her front."  – Michael Kors to Rami and Sweet P

"The best design teams are not people who are exactly the same…otherwise you’re just sitting and telling, ‘Your fabulous.’ ‘No, you’re fabulous.’"  – Michael Kors

"Scarlett O’Hara ripped drapes down and made a couture dress…this, she ripped the sheets off the bed and ran out the door." – Michael Kors to Kit and Ricky

"I don’t know if they ever wrapped their heads around the word avant-garde."  – Michael Kors on Kit and Ricky’s look

"Amateur! Everything looked amateur!" – Nina Garcia about Kit and Ricky’s look

"Kit, we wanted to see something fashion forward, but you took us backward and not in a good way. Kit, you’re out!" – Heidi Klum

"’Team Fierce’…Oh my God…it was total destiny!" – Christian

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