So Who Are You Going to Walk All Over in 2008? Get Ready for NYC’s Fashion Walk of Fame.

January 18, 2008 • Fashion

Walk of Fame Plaque


Donna Karan


Halston’s Plaque


Charles James


Betsey Johnson

After a hiatus the New York Fashion Walk of Fame is back!  The nominations have been made and the ballots are out.

Over the course of the three year project, 24 notable New York designers were given this honor and decorative plaques honoring these designers are embedded in the sidewalks along the East Side of Seventh “Fashion” Avenue from 41st Street to 35th Street. Each plaque displays an original sketch by the designer, a brief description of the designer’s contribution to fashion and the designer’s signature.

This year only one living and one deceased designer will be chosen.  From a ballot of 35 candidates, 145 industry professionals will vote to determine the 2008 honorees.

The Ballots:
The ballot lists the designer “finalists” who have been chosen by the Fashion Walk of Fame Selections Committee from among over 100 eligible candidates. Industry professionals will vote to determine the two designers from this list who should be the next to be inducted into the Fashion Walk of Fame.  Selection is one from list of living designers; one from a list of deceased designers.

The Selections Committee determined the criteria for nomination as follows:

∑ The designer must be an American designer with a showroom in New York, or clearly be identified as a New York designer;
∑ The designer must have been in his/her own business for a minimum of 10 years;
∑ The designer must have been a moving force in the industry, have made a powerful impact on fashion through innovative design or use of materials, or have significantly changed the way in which America dresses.

Living Designers
Carolina Herrera
Michael Kors
Judith Leiber
Bob Mackie
Mary McFaddin
Isaac Mizrahi
Narciso Rodriquez
Ralph Rucci
Arnold Scaasi
Anna Sui
Isabel Toledo 
Diane Von Furstenberg
Vera Wang


Deceased Designers
Donald Brroks
Tom Brigance
Hattie Carnegie
Oleg Cassini
Liz Claiborne
Herman Delman
Anne Forgarty
Sophie Gimbel
Elizabeth Hawes
Mr. John
Muriel King
Anne Lowe
Vera Maxwell
Clare Potter
Nettie Rosenstein
Carolyn Schnurer
Adele Simpson
Sally Victor
Ben Zuckerman

To oversee the selection process for induction, The Fashion Center BID established a Fashion Walk of Fame Selections Committee as follows: Valerie Steele, Chairperson; Nichole Fischelis; Harold Koda; Kim Hastreiter; Marylou Luther; Phyllis Magidson; Patricia Mears; Lavelle Olexa; Sally Singer.  — Joanne Molina, Senior Editor

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