Project Runway Season Four. Episode Nine: Forever in Blue Jeans & (Ricky’s) Tears of Joy. Memorable Quotes.

January 24, 2008 • Lifestyle


The challenge? Make Levi’s denim look cheap. No seriously the challenge was to create an iconic denim look of the designers’ choice that captures the Levi’s brand. To me this was a snooze fest. Denim? I digress.

The designer’s were led to a warehouse at the Port Authority in Brooklyn at the East River which was jammed with dead bodies hundreds of pairs of Levis. They had minutes to make a mad dash and grab whatever they could. Dark denim, light, jeans, jackets…whatever. The winner’s design will be sold as a limited edition on Oh and there is no longer immunity.

There was little drama this week. Ricky cried, Victorya looked like she swallowed a lemon (as usual), Christian was bitchy (as usual) and Jillian stabbed herself with needles until she bled. We also learned that Sweet P is married to a man named Sage who wore a green ‘sage’ tie at their wedding. Interesting.

In the end, Ricky won. I don’t know if I agree that he should have won as I thought Rami’s was the best, followed by Christian, followed by Sweet P. Ricky’s dress was so similar to Rami’s and Chris’s designs and I thought Rami’s was so better constructed. However, I totally agreed that sour-puss Victorya deserved to be ‘aufed’. Her elitist attitude, boredom and laziness finally proved to be her undoing.

One more thing…the constant product placement on the show this season is getting really annoying. "Don’t forget to use items from the Bluefly dot com wall." Enough! Stop jumping the shark! Besides, who actually says dot com anymore? It’s just Bluefly. Yeesch.


Winner: Sobbing Ricky


"Fierce " Christian



Sweet P


Loser: Victorya

Memorable Quotes:

"A field trip could go either way. It could be something tragic like you wind up in a garbage can and have to make a wedding dress out of it. Or you could be going to Paris creating some crazy couture gown." – Rami

"We are fabulous. We don’t have to meet anyone fabulous." – Tim Gunn

"I think we have a boat in our future. We are designing cement galoshes." Chris

"The jeans were hung so far into the distance we were like. ‘Holy sh*t, do we really have to run that whole way?’" – Jillian

"I lost a shoe." – Sweet P

"I went for jackets and I went for dark denim and then I went for just everything." – Christian

"He just grabbed whatever he wanted. Greedy bitch." – Christian about Rami

"Levis can be a little more refined, yet hip." – Rami

"My jeans are totally dirty because like an idiot I dropped them on the ground." -Sweet P

"No lady, wipe it dry or it (the dirt) will seep into the denim." Christian to Chris

"Deconstruct denim, but make it your own." – Christian

"I think Christian is very immature." – Rami

"It’s so cute to see youth." – Chris

"Someone needs to give him a bottle and send him to bed." – Chris about Christian

"Christian is like a child. If I had hair on my head, I’d tear it out." – Rami

"I feel so manly working with denim." – Christian

"Oh my God. I’m going to die of barfness." – Christian

"It’s so quite without everyone here, when your favorite people are just leaving." – Chris

"I know, and some annoying people are still left!" – Christian

"He’s probably talking to himself like a crack head." – Christian about Chris

"When I work on something, I talk to it." – Chris

"It’s looking very happy hands at home granny circle. It’s hippie dippie." – Tim Gunn to Sweet P

"You have a way to go. So go, go, go, go!" – Tim Gunn to Jillian

"I keep telling myself I’m doing what I want." – Ricky

"It didn’t look hippie or Woodstock at all." – Sweet P about her design

"My outfit’s pretty fierce." – Christian

"If I have to see another tube dress, I’m going to kill myself. I’m gonna die." – Christian

"Despite all of this – I still want to make it to the finals." – Victorya

"I love Amy Winehouse and honestly, you must too." – Michael Kors to Ricky

"It says something about the little bitch in me." – Ricky

"You don’t know (sob) if it’s going to suck, if you suck or if it doesn’t suck (sob)." – Ricky

"It doesn’t go away." – Michael Kors to Ricky

"I want to see the model look fabulous and she does, but not in that." – Michael Kors to Jillian

"It’s got the voodoo in it. Slimming magic." – Michael Kors and Heidi Klum about Sweet P’s design.

"The top of it looks like a reconnoitered jean jacket. It looks like a party skirt got glued onto a jean jacket." – Michael Kors about Victorya’s design

"Oh my god, it’s not jersey!" – Michael Kors about Rami’s design

"Finally! The Ricky we’ve all been waiting for!" – Heidi Klum

"Very Joan Cusack in ‘Working Girl.’" – Michael Kors about Chris’ design

"I let my work basically speak for itself." – Victorya

…Well it did. The perfect quote for which to end this week’s installment.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: BravoTV

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