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January 25, 2008 • Beauty


You know blogs have made it when WWD reports on them. OK, maybe today’s article was on beauty blogs…but tomorrow, the world! "Beauty in the Blogosphere" finally gives credit where it is due. They are the new breed of beauty writers whose influence is gaining the attention of major brands.

If a blogger gets a product in the
morning, however, a review — good or bad — could be on the Web site by
the afternoon, immediately followed by reader feedback.

While they may not look like magazines,
the honest voices and conversational tones of sites like our friends at Beauty Snob, Blogdorf Goodman, Lipgloss and
, Beauty Brains, Beauty News NYC and My BeautyBerry which have gained
a wide following. Moreover, blog commentary is virtually out of reach
of the spin control of beauty marketers, much to the chagrin of the major fashion magazine blogs.

Linda Wells, editor in chief
of Allure, said she believes beauty brands have started to take blogs
seriously over the past few years because blogs are "starting to have
an effect on product sales. Companies are more excited about being
mentioned [on blogs], so we’re seeing more of the industry reaching out
to bloggers," she said.

Read "Beauty in the Blogosphere"

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