Runway to Real Way. It’s What’s Underneath That Counts

January 25, 2008 • Runway/Realway


Jenn Scott for Second City Style Magazine

The fashion capitols all over the world are heating up their runways
in anticipation of Fall and Winter fashion shows. Designers are not
sleeping at this point, because they have way too much to do. Models
have drastically reduced their already meager diets, and runways are
being constructed with eager hopes of successful shows and rave revues.
The outward appearance tends to reign in this fashion-frenzied time of year.

However, sometimes the most important thing in a woman’s wardrobe is unseen by the general public.
Sure, you’ve put hours of time and consideration, not to mention money,
into your new, bright crop jacket. Although stylish and cute, the most
substantial piece of your wardrobe is what’s underneath. That’s right; I’m talking about your lingerie!

So many women overlook the details when it comes to this essential
element, but those days are drawing to a close. Maybe you aren’t bold
enough to strut down the runway in your unmentionables, or even out of
your bedroom, but your undergarments have been overlooked long enough.
Your lingerie is something you see every day, and it deserves to have
as much attention as your new pumps or oversized bag.

If you have a small chest and can get away with less support, opt for a bralette or triangle bra style.
They are a sassy way to liven up your every day lingerie. They are
normally thinner and can be found in pretty laces and fabrics. Some
styles of bralettes can even be worn under suit jackets or camisoles.
This is a fun, flirty way to rev up your undergarments, and you will
still be comfortable.

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