Headwear Without the Hat Hair

January 27, 2008 • Magazine

Headwear Without the Hat Hair

Headwear Without the Hat Hair

Sun, 2008-01-27 13:00

Rachel Yeomans

My hair usually takes a total of 30 minutes to wash, dry and style—sometimes longer considering whether I’m curling or straightening. However, as soon as all this effort is made, I step outside and it goes into a frizz, is blown into a bird’s nest or it turns into a saturated mop from rain or snow. And now that winter is in full force, I attempt to protect my tresses with a warm hat — thus leading to hat hair. It seems I’m up against forces larger than my hairspray can handle!

In order to battle the elements and save my locks, I went on a hunt for winter head-warmers. It was assuredly hard for me to opt out of the adorable fedora when I should be looking at a wool cap with ear flaps. Yet I found some compromisingly warm – and fashionable – items to warm my head and maintain certain control of my hair.

1. Take the Eric Javits Cloche for example. This adorable vintage hat reaches the ears to protect from winds and is loose enough to remove chances of the hat-hair crease. The chenille fabric also provides the warmth needed for those chilly outdoor commutes.

2. For amazing warmth and surprisingly adept hair control, I discovered the rabbit fur beanie. This one by Marc by Marc Jacobs is so elegant and comes in a very classy camel or dark brown.

3. I love the equestrian style to this peaked hat from Net-A-Porter! And the cashmere make is the perfect antidote to the winter chills.

4. I have a definite weakness for the “floppy hat”. It can go over the ears for warmth while leaving room to maintain a hairstyle. Not to mention it looks fabulous with its unique tilt towards the shoulder. This option by MaxStudio is wonderfully constructed and features a toasty wool/cashmere blend.

5. UGG is famous for boots and slippers, but the ever-so-soft shearling can now be found in the interior of its line of winter hats. And the sheepskin exterior adds a touch of class to the accessory.

6. Now I know; images appear when you were three years old wearing pink Care Bears earmuffs with the plastic headband equivalent to a head vice. Luckily, they have made the modern-day earmuff to skillfully blend into the hair and provide a significant amount of ear warmth while a soft adjustable band keeps the hair in place.

Take all these gorgeous hats (and earmuffs) aside, and there is still some leftover chance of having to run a quick comb through the hair when arriving at work. The most assured safeguard to hair trauma that I discovered is the pashmina wrap. The classic accessory can be used as a shawl, a scarf, and a fashionable shield against wind and snowfall.

Follow the guidelines of the fashion and screen icon, Grace Kelly for the perfect look to combine warmth, protection and—above all—glamour.

1. Eric Javits Chenille Tweed Cloche
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Rabbit Fur Beanie
3. Milly Cashmere Peaked Hat
4. Hand Knit Wool Cashmere Rasta Hat
5. UGG Australia Shearling Bucket Hat
6. Saks Fifth Avenue Mink Earmuffs
7. Bajra Pashmina Wrap
8. “The Kelly” from greatestlook.com

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