Gwen Stefani’s Baby News! Will Her Second Be As Stylish as Her First?

January 30, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Following in the footsteps of our fabulous fashionable baby toters entry, Gwen Stefani happily announced she’s pregnant with her second child. (Ok, well it didn’t happen like that exactly, but let’s just say it did.)

And so we pay tribute to what may the most fashionable mama-baby pairing of them all…Gwen Stefani and baby Kingston!


At her Lamb show during NY Fashion Week in September, Gwen made sure to let the crowd know she had the most fashionable baby of them all as she walked out to take her bow with son Kingston clad in her Lamb line.


At his very own baptism, a tiny baby Kingston looks crisp in his chic white suit. I can’t take my eyes off him or his father, Gavin Rossdale! Gwen you are one lucky gal.


Here again is baby Kingston with his proud Papa. Kingston proves pink looks good on men, too and mama Gwen should be proud, too. He’s wearing True Religion jeans with her line.


The ever-so-stylish Kingston keeps his cool in tough J. Brand jeans.  Cool mama Gwen in tough leather proudly looks on.

Hmmm, maybe he’s not always so stylish?


In this harsh winter weather, Kingston proves he can beat the chill in a cool blue camouflage puffer. But we’re sorry to say, mama Gwen may have let the baby pick out his own clothes. , The hat and coat are so totally mismatched!


Is this a fashion no-no? Although Kingston is as cute as ever, we don’t even think grown adults can pull off the Uggs look, so how can he? We’re definitely not into his footwear.


—Simona Kogan

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