Fear of Fashion Week Fall 2008. A Plea to New York Fashion Week Designers.

January 31, 2008 • New York Fashion Week Fall '08

My greatest fear of going to New York Fall 2008 Fashion Week is that all the trends I love from Fall 2007 will be obliterated. I will show up all in black, with shiny patent leather platforms, dark tights, a big belt (a really big belt), and a fedora…and the Fall ’08 collections will be winter white, soft, matt, flowing, maybe with fringe and feathers. Stop me from thinking these bad thoughts!


Abba, Google Image

This may sound contrary to many other fashion editors, but I’m just not ready for any big changes! Here’s my plea to New York Fashion Week designers: I beg of you, please keep my favorite 2007 trends!

Y & Kei Fall 07: Style.com
Audrey Hepburn 1957 Funny Face: imdb.com

1. Please don’t take away the edginess of last fall! I know, the space age thing didn’t quite work out, but please don’t take away anything modern. Could you just leave in a little touch of metallic?

2. Also let us keep 3/4 length sleeves… to wear with elbow length
gloves! We all want to look like Audrey Hepburn. Give us one more year,
one more shot at it. I will thank you, my closet of 3/4 length sleeves
will thank you, as well many other women and the clothes in their
closets. Thank you.

Marc Jacobs Fall 07: Style.com

3. I don’t feel I got a chance to get into the art deco jewelry trend. I love art deco! Now is that really a trend?…it’s simply art deco which has been around well, forever. Can’t I always wear it? Please keep it! Don’t say it is "out", not just yet, I’m not ready.

4. And please keep the hat trend going! Give the milliners a break! Hats have become a lost art… revive this art form. Everyone looks so much more pulled together when topped off with a hat. And hats actually serve a function. You know, they can actually can keep you warm?

Charles Nolan Fall 07: Getty.com

5. Please let us wear black tights for one more season, or more. I think I can speak for all women, not just myself. We feel slimmer in tights. They are so cozy and comfortable, they wear like iron. I could sit on the floor and play with crayons in tights. Don’t worry I won’t, but these are reasons why they are so great.

6. And last but not least, please keep the platforms going strong. Just one more season. They don’t need to be so ridiculously high…(Did someone say Dior?) But when I can be 4" taller with only 3" foot pitch, there’s little if no pain. It’s a wonderful thing. I really like being 5’9, and want to continue to stand tall in 2008.

Take away my fear of fashion week! Please don’t lose the best trends of last Fall. Keep them for at least this season because I know women will buy it. Isn’t that the American way?

Don’t forget to check out Second City Style’s Fashion Week Coverage beginning Friday, February 1!

—Carol Calacci

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