Halston and Net-a-Porter’s Groundbreaking Deal

January 31, 2008 • Fashion

Roy Halston

Halston and Net-a-porter are combining forces to change the fashion system entirely. In a world where it takes several months to get garments off the runway and into the stores, knock off brands have been taking advantage of this unnecessary delay by playing copycat.

Net-a-Porter and the soon-to-be-relaunched Halston have struck a groundbreaking deal to reclaim the right for designers to reach their clientele first. On February 4, the Halston collection will be shown on the runway and, 24 hours later, two pieces from the collection will be available to the public via Net-a-porter’s website.

There will be same day delivery in London and New York, both sites of Halston’s distribution centers, and everywhere else in the world the day after. This exclusive deal is important for several reasons. First, it emphasizes the importance of the Internet and online communication for marketing and business ventures. Using a global vehicle such as Net-a-Porter, designers and manufactures  are now able to reach previously difficult markets. Second, this move is extremely important to the image of the Halston brand.

Jacqueline Kennedy
, 1975

The relaunch references the hey-day of the designer, prior to his passing in 1990. Net-a-porter will feature a a live narrative, curated by fashion writer and historian Colin McDowell, drawing on experiences from Halston’s early days as a "milliner to Jacqueline Kennedy to his reign as the designer of the Studio 54 set." Thus, the idea is to enlighten the consumer on the history of the label and how his name-sake brand is being relaunched. All in all, this deal should prove productive for both Net-a-Porter and Halston, and will hopefully be a warning to all knockoff labels who have been cashing in on the creativity of others’ for far too long.

—Emilie Furda

Source: WWD
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