NY Fashion Week Fall ’08. Mara Hoffman. Forward Fashion Fighter.

February 2, 2008 • New York Fashion Week Fall '08






Summary: Marah Hoffman took the female warrior look so many other designers are championing for Fall 2008. However instead of taking it from the Middle Ages, she took it from the Middle East. Long leather gloves with a white flowing gown with black detailing, a sleeveless fitted vest belted to a pencil skirt, and black and white printed hooded capes are just a few examples of how Hoffman took the look of desert warfare to elite espionage. She also mixed in some African prints into her female fighter ensemble. Many of these could be compared to the color swirls seen all over her Spring 2008 collection; I wasn’t swooned by the swirls then and must say that the revised looks didn’t do much for me this season either. However her new pieces did much more to glamorize the collection and bring some strength into fall.

Color Palette: black, cream, white, charmuese, pink, blue, olive, yellow, fuchsia, green, brick red

Textures & Details: geometric tights, cashmere, wool, chiffon, leather, double-knit corset dress & coat, braiding

Key Looks: riding boots, trooper vests, kimono cardigan, belted blouses, leggings, evening holster, flight suit, short suit, tux suit, tie neck, backless dresses, leather gloves, cape tops, geometric gowns

Photos: MB Fashion Week

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