Fashion Week Fun: Top 4 Fashion Designers With Great Personal Style

February 3, 2008 • Magazine

Fashion Week Fun: Top 4 Fashion Designers With Great Personal Style

Fashion Week Fun: Top 4 Fashion Designers With Great Personal Style

Sat, 2008-02-02 19:00

Simona Kogan

These days, the upper echelon of the fashion world — the fashion designers who slave wild prints, chic ruffles, and billowy tops — are practically celebrities. So many star quality fashion personalities have emerged from this small collection of top designers (think Betsey Johnson, Donna Karan, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, and Oscar de la Renta.)

In honor of these worthy exceptional designers (the true fashionistas in our minds), and the ever-so-prevalent opening of NY Fashion Week (can’t wait to see those eye-popping fall collections,) I’d like to devote this segment of ‘It Girl’ Style to the true fashion mavens who really make fashion come to life.

Here are four fashion personalities who may be as famous for their eclectic personal style as they are for the labels that made them HUGE successes…and here’s how you can look like them.

Karl Lagerfeld (K Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi, Chanel)
Sure he’s done wonders for Fendi and Chanel…but what really makes Karl Lagerfeld stand out are not his breathtaking Victorian fashions — its his stunning stately attire. You’ll always catch this debutante in a crisp white button down, a fitted blazer, thick black sunglasses, and that crazy-cool ponytail.

He may be a man (and THE Karl Lagerfeld) at that, but you can surely pull of his personal style, by doing up the aristocratic element and adding some funky pieces of your own. Add ruffles to your white button down on the front placket and keep your blazer even more fitted — to show off that gorgeous waist of yours. Mr. Lagerfeld would be proud.

Try these:
K Karl Lagerfeld Monique Wool Blazer $516
Juicy Couture Ruffle Front Top $178

Milla Jovovich (Jovovich-Hawk)
Sure, you may know her as Leeloo in The Fifth Element, but Milla Jovovich is also a top model and one half of the premium independent design label Jovovich-Hawk sold in boutiques nationwide. She’s so damn stylish, too!!
It’s no wonder the line is doing well, because this girl has an eye for fashion — even if it means mixing and matching mismatched prints and textures like florals with leather and stripes with plaid. For some reason, Milla can pull it off and she makes us think we can too and look great doing so. Did we mention this girl just had a baby? We’re thinking she’ll get back into tip top fashion ASAP.

Do it up Milla style by pairing together what you thought was impossible. Take a cue from the actress and go for casual plaid with a funky wool skirt and sophisticated striped tights.

Try these:
7 For All Mankind Ruffle Plaid Peasant Shirt $119
Falke Marilyn Tights $29.95

Richie Rich (Heatherette)
Couture label Heatherette is known for its wild colors and that is due in part to Richie Rich, the crazy former club kid who, believe it or not, once trained with Kristi Yamaguchi but now makes headlines for clothes like bright pink I (heart) NY shirts and flamboyant colors that scream Andy Warhol pop and Pucci phenom. Hmmm, sounds a wee bit Heatherette to us and why not? Richie Rich wears his own designs. In fact, Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field spotted Rich in one of his own leather tops when the label was born.

Wanna make a statement? Opt for something eye-catching and totally out-of-the-box. Wild prints from Pucci or Missoni will do or perhaps something bold and animalistic like Roberto Cavalli. We’re sure Richie Rich would love to see you in graphic print when you pay homage to him.

Try these:
Emilio Pucci Orchidea Print Jersey Dress $1,170
Missoni Passiflora Cardigan $1,685

Kate Moss (Topshop)
Who doesn’t know Kate Moss? The waifer-thin model who made it big in Calvin Klein underwear ads took fashion to another level with outfits that made even the top A-listers jealous and campaigns that included Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Versace, Burberry, and Yves St. Laurent (just to name a few!) Her dressed up heroin chic look is so worth imitating that she turned the whole idea into a flirty fashion label. Enter Topshop with its quirky menswear chic/femme style that includes everything from cotton dresses to Kate’s signature vest over a sleeveless tank or button down. You definitely won’t be surprised to find the top supermodel in her very own designs (or handing them off to celebs like Keira Knightley and Kate Bosworth for that matter.)

Want to get the quintissential Kate look? Opt for a sheer button-down white blouse and a tough-meets-sweet waistcoat to go with it.

Try these:
Topshop Denim Waistcoat £35.00
Doo.Ri Cotton Button-Down Shirt $750

Celebrity Photos: Karl Lagerfeld,; Milla Jovovich,; Richie Rich, Wireimage; Kate Moss,

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