WTF Was She Thinking? The Grammy’s ’08 Version

February 11, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Ah, the Grammy’s…breeding ground for bad celebrity fashion. Oddly, some who really tried hard in their designer frocks failed and others, whom we expected to be over-the-top, let us down. Sadly, Amy Winehouse who would have been fab red carpet eye candy could not be there live even though she pretty much stole the night. Poetic justice.

Alicia Keys in Giorgio Armani Prive

Comment: OK, she has been trying so hard of late, so we feel bad that she just didn’t work this look. Yes, it’s Armani, but it’s too much dress for her and the hair? Piled up on her head and falling into bangs is just a really bad idea. The hair stylist needs to be sheered.

She’s thinking: At least I won the award for Best R&B Vocal Performance for ‘No One.’ Maybe not best-dressed, but I won!


Beyonce in Elie Saab

Comment: Elie Saab needs to stop dressing Beyonce. Enough with the Cinderealla gone wrong look! This dress is just awful. Somehow Beyonce’s is looking Trannyliocious. However, we do approve of her hair this length. Bravo from the neck up.

She’s thinking: Whateva bitches!


Lisa Rinna

Comment: Speaking of Tranny…stop with the lips already! This woman is becoming a caricature of herself! Everything about her is too tight except for a change…this dress which is too loose in the bust area. Not only has she gone overboard with the lip injections, her chest and face are pulled super taunt. That’s gotta hurt.

She’s thinking: Youb only bish you booked so yood.



Comment: OK, so you are thinking, aside form the fact that this is a little gold hot pant and casual for the red carpet it’s not that bad, right? Well catch the rear-view…


Ew, offensive right? Take away the Bedazzler. She can’t handle it. At least she has tight buns. Not that I noticed.

Shes’ thinking: My Milkshake Brings all the Boys…wait, have I had another hit? I need to (milk)shake things up again! So this jacket should to the trick.


Miley Cyrus in Celine

Comment: If this girl is only 15, why is she trying so hard to look old? Someone needs to lay off the hair extensions and go back to dressing a little more age appropriate or at least in Erin Fetherston or Nanette Lepore. She’s on  a slippery slope. First it’s Celine, then it’s clubbing, then it’s a baby at 16. Poor thing, you can tell she’s uncomfortable by the way she is posing. Her legs exude under-confidence. What is wrong with being a teenager? Oh, wait…now I remember.

She’s thinking:
I can’t believe I have to announce with Cyndi Lauper. Who is she anyway?



Comment: Oh honey, what’s with the unfortunate hair? The dress isn’t even that bad, but I can’t stop looking at your 80’s hair. Women should not allow a razor within 10 feet of their hair. Ever.

She’s thinking: I ran, I ran so far away…


Rihanna in Zac Posen

Comment: Speaking of hair, we love hers. She looks stunning….from the neck up! This dress is just a hot mess. Sorry, but it really does nothing for her. We have noticed lately that she is choosing red carpet frocks that don’t fit her correctly in the bust.

She’s thinking: I look fierce! Right? No I didn’t take scissors to my dress!


Bai Ling

Comment: This woman shows up like a bad penny to everything yet. she is great fodder for worst-dressed lists everywhere. We think she tries to sing is it is writhe all over the stage. This dress is just ridiculous. Yeah!

She’s thinking: I wonder why they didn’t ask me to perform? I love me a good hard floor stage.


Nelly Furtado in Arthur Mendoza

This dress is too much. Too much fabric, too much draping and too much color. Why would she want to make her hooks appear as wide as the state of Texas?

She’s thinking: I’m like a bird, I want to fly away.

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  1. anniedawg25 says:

    “N****R” is the name of NAS’s new album coming out in a few months. NAS is Kelis’ husband so I guess she wanted to give him and his album some publicity.
    NAS is getting ALOT of attention for the name of his album……big surprise.
    Still, even though the Grammy’s are all about music, I dont know if it was the right place to plug the album. Seemed somehow inappropriate to me.

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