Vinatge Vantage. Vintage Jewels for Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2008 • Fashion


Lauren Flemming for Second City Style Magazine

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time
of year to give (or ask for) some jewelry. Sometimes jewelry can seem
like a slightly clichéd gift, but vintage jewelry is another story altogether! My very sweet (and very tasteful) boyfriend bought me the prettiest 1920s necklace for Christmas. It is so special and one of a kind that I think every woman should have a vintage piece or two in her collection.

Hunting down the perfect piece can be quite a task, so Karen Frishman, of offers Second City Style readers some pointers:

First, look for style and wearabilty. Make
sure you love it and it is comfortable to wear. Also, know some
designers of the period you are interested in, and what types of
stones, backs and pinbacks were used.

For Valentine’s Day, look for hearts,
pieces with a symbol or relic attached, or even a simple strand of
pearls with a gemstone clasp. Jewelry with amethyst or garnet is always
pretty too.

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